Life is short and we spend a lot of our waking hours in the office. We think that life at work can and should be just as meaningful and satisifying as life off the clock. Everything we do is designed to lead to this end.

“What I love about Motivosity, and why it's a unique experience in my career, is that every day we get this huge amount of appreciation from our customers and their employees. Every day I'm grateful that we can do something that makes people happier to be where they are"

Scott Johnson Founder & CEO. Motivosity

We're called "MVers” [moovers] and yes, we’re a small group of people who aim to move the world. Each one of us at Motivosity is here primarily because they care improving the value of the workplace in people's lives.

Our Mission


Observation that
workers need some love




15 years of figuring
it out


Magically amazing

Once there was a CEO (Scott Johnson, founder & CEO of Workfront) that couldn't believe how easy it was for managers everywhere to get overly focused on results and underly focused on taking care of people.

Fortunately for the world, that guy had spent 15 years figuring out how to make work more meaningful. Double bonus was that he was a software tech entrepreneur who had already built a large enterprise software company and was totally capable of making the best workforce engagement solution the enterprise had ever seen... and he started waking up in the middle of the night bugged by the fact that great people everywhere are not super happy about what they do or who they do it for.

That was in 2013. Today, Motivosity is driving amazing results for companies across the world.

Thousands of
Happy Users

Driving Company


Motivosity has received some of the 'disruptive technology’ and 'top 50’ this or that awards, but the only award we care about is whether or not your employees tell you that the best thing you’ve ever done is to “Bring in Motivosity”.