Bluehost uses Motivosity to anchor company values to performance
Bluehost offers comprehensive web hosting tools to millions of users around the world.


Culture is king for Bluehost. In a competitive industry, it’s critical to focus on the needs of employees, through both benefits and recognition.

Bluehost has always championed peer recognition and leaders found their match after discovering Motivosity.

Motivosity gives the company tools to promote its internal values, which include:

  • –    Customer Success
  • –    Tenacity
  • –    Better Together
  • –    Candor
  • –    Agility

Through peer and public recognition, Bluehost team members praise one another for living out those values.

Kindy Erickson, HR Generalist with Bluehost, explains how Motivosity helps her company promote its values, inspire recognition, and champion culture.


Bluehost started fulfilling its peer recognition needs with one of Motivosity’s competitors. During a time of rapid growth, the company was trying to develop efficiently and practice continuous improvement, and a peer recognition program was a key player in that goal.

Unfortunately, the leaders at Bluehost were not satisfied with their current platform because if team members didn’t use their award money for the month, Bluehost lost the funds they had put into the system. "

As a result, they started looking into other options, and they found Motivosity. Its customization and no risk of losing unused funds were two of the selling points for the leaders at Bluehost.

"We like the fact that if they don’t use the monthly funds, we don’t get charged for those," Erickson said. "We only get charged for what our team members payout and that’s extremely appealing."

The rollout process was simple, effective, and very well received by the entire Bluehost team.

Erickson said that in addition to the monetary benefits, it was also more appealing for team members because Motivosity has many options for rewards in which to spend their Motivosity bucks.

"We can pick and choose what we offer in our store, and we love the customization," she added.


The rewards element is only a small factor of Motivosity’s beneficial impact on Bluehost’s operations.

Motivosity encourages Bluehost team members to say thanks and encourages everyone to work as a team.

In 2014, the company switched over to the new peer recognition platform and instantly instilled it into their onboarding process and as a way to reinforce company values.

"We love that we can input company values into the platform and update those when our values change," Erickson said. "We appreciate and enjoy that feature.

"It’s a solid tool that allows employees to realize how ours values affect them and how they can practice those values to make the company better," she added.

The public recognition aspect of Motivosity also encourages social sharing and feeds the natural needs of humans to be praised in front of an audience.

Erickson added, "We’re not just showing the recognitions in Motivosity, but we’re also picking a few appreciations from the platform and blasting those out to display through other public mediums across the company."

Motivosity has also become an integral part of Bluehost’s culture. By promoting its values, which include customer success, tenacity, better together, candor, and agility, Bluehost builds a cohesive culture with a clear mission.

"The platform helps our team reach out to others to appreciate anyone in the company," Erickson said.

It also helps start and maintain new initiatives within the company.

Plus, it’s integrated into Bluehost’s Beacon Award, Erickson said.

"We recognize employees three times a year with this award," she said. "Part of the prize is receiving an increase in their Motivosity bucks. It’s great because it validates the system."


Overall, Motivosity is well received, and more than 90% of the more than 750 Bluehost team members use the peer recognition platform on a regular basis, which is the primary justification for leadership for continued support of the program.

"Our team appreciates and understands the recognition program, and we’re all moving towards the same goal," Erickson said. "We’re all trying to work together and be a part of something bigger."

It also helps Bluehost onboard and recruit with ease, because Motivosity brings the company values together and shows why the company is a great place for a career.

"Motivosity helps with our culture and contributes to the foundation of a company where people want to come to and stay," she said.




percent receiving regular thanks


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