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Favorite Thing About Motivosity - Derek Miner, Chantel Chase, David Alsop, Jared Olsen


You know, I think most team members want to know 'How am I doing?' I think that being able to provide that real-time interaction and real-time feedback is absolutely extraordinary. The opportunity to shine light on the amazing work that happens on a daily basis amongst our team. A lot of time people say 'This is what I'm doing,' but where I get inspired is the antithesis of not my job. How can I help? What can I do? Seeing people that are doing things above and beyond that are blessing and building someone else's life. (Derek Miner)

So my favorite thing about Motivosity really is that it's so easy to use and so easy to implement. We recently had a vendor who was shut down due to the pandemic and we needed to call in reinforcements from our team and have everybody take on extra responsibilities. The thing that was so cool about that is Motivosity gave us a way to just really quickly reward and recognize those efforts. (Chantel Chase)

My favorite thing is peer-to-peer. I love that people don't wait for a manager to recognize an employee. I love that. We used to have employees come to a manager and say 'Hey can you recognize that person now?' They can just do it they can say thank you to someone anywhere in the organization. The traditional way of many companies has always been waiting for a manager to approve a dollar to be used for an employee that works for them. This opens up a very free interaction across the organization for anybody to recognize at any time. For me, what I love and what I've always dreamed of is having a culture that just interacts rather than follows a hierarchy of interaction. (David Alsop)

In my role my favorite thing is being able to dive into the analytics. Being able to see very crystal clear here's where we're struggling, here's what's causing that and here's how you as a team can go proactively help that culture or that team. As an individual I love being able to appreciate those people that are around me and catching them in the moments of good. Seeing that pop up in our Slack channel so our Slack channel is just buzzing with all these appreciations that pop in and people add fun GIFs to it, we're able to see the response and have some friendly banter. It connects us, we have locations all over the U.S., so being able to see people that we normally wouldn't have face time with has been really helpful. The analytics helps my team to succeed. Being able to see what other people are saying about my colleagues helps me feel like I know them better. (Jared Olsen)