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HealthCatalyst Uses Motivosity to Deliver True Employee Engagement

Health Catalyst provides healthcare organizations with advanced tools and analytics to improve health care fundamentally.

The Best Place to Work

Today, Health Catalyst supports more than 65 million patients for organizations ranging from the largest US health systems to forward-thinking physician practices. It holds accolades including numerous best-place-to-work awards from outlets such as Modern Healthcare in 2013, 2014, and 2015, as well as other recognitions including “Best Place to work for Millennials, and “Best Perks for Women.” It is recognized as the leader in the enterprise healthcare BI market in improvement by KLAS, and most recently in 2016, one of Gallup’s 40 Global Great Workplaces.


In a rapidly growing firm that has transitioned from startup to 400+ employees in a few years, maintaining work-life integration and a high performing culture is necessary to ensure success.

Health Catalyst executives strive to:

  • Transform healthcare.
  • Be the recognized leader in data warehousing, analytics and outcomes improvements.
  • Build a great firm.

This mission statement is an essential part of their fundraising efforts and has always been engrained in their culture.

Employees must ask themselves, “Is everything on my priority list each day contributing to at least one of these objectives? And if not, why not?”

Jeff Selander, Chief People Officer for Health Catalyst, explains how Motivosity helps his company live out this mission statement. He also discusses how his company maintains sustainable teams through periods of rapid growth.


Health Catalyst started using Motivosity in 2014. At the time, the company had roughly 200 employees and about 75 remote team members, and was in a period of rapid growth.

Health Catalyst has always been a big champion of culture and needed to maintain a sense of unity and purpose during this exciting time.

One problem it faced was effectively and efficiently communicating with the entire team.

“We could no longer simply roll out into the hallway and have 90% of the team hear everything we say because we were getting big,” Selander said.

Also, Health Catalyst was transferring out of its startup phase where every team member wore many hats.

“We were starting to specialize in our work, such that, we didn’t all have the same context about the entire business that we were used to, and that tends to put people in silos,” Selander added.

The executive team wanted to avoid that as much as they could.

After searching for platforms to help with communication, Health Catalyst landed on Motivosity.

“The idea of linking the platform to our culture, values and attributes was very interesting and intriguing,” Selander said. “It was enough for us to give it a shot.”




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