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How Has MV Helped You Stay Connected With Remote Workers - David Alsop, Chantel Chase, Derek Miner


So our remote workforce is spread across the globe. We have five major locations outside of the U.S. and then people working out of their homes in various countries throughout the world. We recently rolled it out to our latin american population and the utilization and energy was very vibrant from day one. We have a U.S population where our headquarters is located that craves to connect in different ways outside of the U.S. We have a lot of environments that are siloed because we don't have enough interaction opportunities so Motivosity provided us that opportunity when we moved to latin america for them. Every geography in latin america has connected with people in the U.S and the feedback has been amazing. In the aspect of we feel like we're interacting with people we didn't know before or we didn't connect with on a consistent basis, it's bringing an engagement that isn't just between a manager and an employee, or the people in front of us. It's bringing an engagement that's global in nature that allows us to be a unified global company versus we're all in different places disconnected from each other. (David Alsop)

Especially pre pandemic we were all working in the same building. We're now working remote so we're scattered. Everyone's working from home offices and Motivosity has definitely been a central place where we come together to hear what's happening around the organization. I will tell you my biggest users of Motiosity and that go in and really like and comment on everything are the people that we've onboarded in a remote environment. It's just an easy centralized place where they can go and get to know the people that they haven't been able to meet in person yet. (Chantel Chase)

I think one of the other unique things that we do on our team (because we have team members who are in Florida, Washington, Kansas City, all over California, as well as here in our Utah office) is every friday have lunch and learn. We order food in here in the Utah office but everyone in remote locations wants to order something else and with Motivosity you can personalize it. You can go and say 'This is exactly what I want to order for lunch today' and we say 'Hey! We're going to send you some more Motivosity bucks.' You should see people's eyes light up. They're like 'Sweet! Motivosity bucks are coming to me it's so much fun.' Just to see that and then they can go order it and it's the price of lunch. Going back to that dollar amount and just how much it means it's like 'Hey you can personalize, you can customize exactly what you want' and I think you can also personalize and customize the recognition. Some people really like that and other people like to do their work behind the scenes. When you reach out and (what I love about Motivosity) you just say 'Hey, we appreciate what you're doing' in a really subtle way rather than big recognition on a stage. (Derek Miner)