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Instructure Uses Motivosity to Improve Employee Engagement

Instructure makes software that makes smarter people.


Instructure is a tech company that is, literally, growing exponentially. They didn't have a structured peer-to-peer recognition system in place, and that lacking system was reflected in the low employee engagement rates. After listening to feedback from the frontlines, Instructure execs turned to Motivosity to solve their employee recognition dilemma.

  • "Huge" ROI achieved.
  • Every employee uses the platform, resulting in low turnover.
  • Virtually no maintenance time to manage the platform.


Instructure is a growing team. That's putting it lightly. The educational technology company hires six to 12 employees each week. After onboarding these team members, department heads have to keep these new hires happy and engaged. Without a structured process, this task is nearly impossible to track and measure.

Previously, each department head had a fund that they tapped into to buy gift cards for their employees or host a lunch to say, "great job."

'We didn't have any structure around it though, and we were missing the peer-to-peer component,' said Ley Alvey, HR Generalist over Benefits.

When people wanted to recognize someone, we didn't have a good option other than telling them to get a gift card or something.


Employees were sick of the missing process and needed a meaningful way to recognize each other. Management listened and started looking into peer-to-peer recognition platforms.

"Our VP of People and Places has extensive experience in this and has seen a lot of different systems. He decided to bring on Motivosity after considering several solutions," said Alvey.

Now every employee gets a Motivosity account during their first week on the job.

The tech industry is cutthroat and competitive. Instructure wants to attract and retain the best people, and they needed a recognition system in place to foster amazing company culture.

'It's really important for people to feel like what they do matters and that their managers and peers notice the things they accomplish,' said Alvey.


The peer-to-peer recognition system works. Instructure's employees feel more appreciated because the awesome work they do is praised through social recognition.

"Motivosity is LIFE CHANGING!!" said Michele, an Instructure employee.

Plus, it's widely popular in the office. Everyone loves it and takes advantage of this benefit.

'The entire company is in Motivosity and I'm pretty sure just about everybody is using it,' said Alvey.

Regarding those daunting bottom line numbers, HR can do a happy dance because Alvey said that the return on investment is "huge." The increase in employee engagement leads to low turnover rates, higher productivity and increased team loyalty.

'Honestly, Motivosity has been more successful than we would have imagined that it was going to be. Our engineering department was very skeptical at first (even sending research to Motivosity telling them why this wouldn't work). Now they absolutely love it. I think that's a good indication that it would be successful at a lot of other companies,' added Alvey.




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