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Workfront uses Motivosity to better-connect remote employees

Workfront is a cloud-based digital work & project management solution


Workfront executives watched the Utah-based team expand into a global enterprise with more than 750 employees - with 250 being remote - in a very short period of time. The success in keeping its rapidly growing employee base engaged and focused on its mission would not be possible without the help of Motivosity’s software. The software keeps local and remote employees connected with its culture and each other, which reduces regrettable turnover and keeps top talent happy to be part of Workfront’s quickly expanding team.

99% of the staff recognize one another monthly

Managers recognize their direct reports an average of 33 times each month

Workfront has achieved an industry leading employee loyalty score


Prior to Motivosity, Workfront employees used a paper-based system to recognize and thank one another. This system wasn’t trackable or reportable, and it wasn’t widely used among team members, according to Craig Biesinger, Human Resources Business Partner.

"Our previous recognition system was anonymous, so you never knew who thanked you. Because of that, nobody used it," he said. "In a word, it was a hassle."

As a fast growing company, the paper-based system made it impossible to include remote employees. As the team expanded outside of its Utah headquarters, executives started to hear complaints about feeling left out and not part of the culture. These remote employees didn't engage as well with the rest of the team, because they were always left out of the recognition process, and always felt like an outsider.

They needed a solution that fostered a culture of recognition for both core team members and managers. A web-based approach that included local and remote employees - those located both domestically, as well as those stationed internationally.


Workfront started using Motivosity in February 2015. The social recognition platform is easy for all employees to use - inside and outside of the company’s Utah headquarters.

Managers have a resource to stay connected with their remote team members and share a public thank you when they make a sale, provide outstanding customer service or celebrate a milestone.

"Everyone likes that. It feels good to receive a "thank you" in a public setting like that," said Austin Miller, Vice President of Human Resources.

'Not only that, the Motivosity platform provides us insights and analytics that we hadn't considered, or even thought possible,' said Miller.


Nearly 100% of Workfront employees sign on, recognize and thank their peers and managers every month. This includes remotely-based employees.

These interactions are turning into valuable results, including loyal employees that choose to keep working for Workfront.

Low retention equals a higher bottom line.

With so many employees logging into the system, Workfront also has the ability to glean key insights into its employees - how well they are connecting and living its corporate values, as well as identify key trends and insights into its own unique culture.




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