No More Recognition Walls and Dust-Collecting Awards

Motivosity is a modern employee recognition platform
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Game Rooms and Complex Annual Performance Reviews Not Cuttin' It?
Here's Your New Employee Engagement Platform!
Feeling Appreciated for Your Work
Nothing, nada, zip, zilch... creates greater employee engagement than when people feel appreciated for their work. And Motivosity makes that public praise super easy regardless of an employee’s location. We cover all forms of employee recognition -- peer to peer, corporate and department awards, spot bonuses, team highlights, external giving, birthdays and milestones -- we’ve got it all.
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Helping Managers Be Better Managers
Did you know that 60% of managers aren’t ready to be managers? We’ve got the tools to help them succeed! Motivosity lets managers ditch the outdated performance management process and provide meaningful, consistent feedback to their team members. The platform also helps managers quickly see in a nine-box format who the superstars are and who might need some help.
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Actionable Insights To Make Better Decisions
It’s pretty darn hard to manage and make decisions without information. How accessible is your “people data?” Motivosity gives you a ton of valuable information that you can use to make better decisions. Info like employee satisfaction scores, key player identification, appreciation trends, and manager feedback. You know, the info that makes you look like the people expert you are!
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Avoiding the
Five pitfalls
of Employee Recognition Programs
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Get Measurable Results

Check out actual results measured across the Motivosity customer base

On average, Motivosity customers see a 52% increase in employees that agree or strongly agree in response to, I tell my friends they should work here.
On average, Motivosity customers see a 77% increase in employees that agree or strongly agree in response to, I wouldn’t leave for 10% more money.
On average, Motivosity customers see a 53% increase in employees that agree or strongly agree in response to, I have a best friend at work.
On average, Motivosity customers see a 69% increase in employees that agree or strongly agree in response to, I receive weekly recognition.

Customer Case Studies

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  • Cotopaxi

    “When we saw a way to better solve this problem of recognition, it was a no-brainer. This was something I wanted to make a critical priority this year, finding ways to recognize employees, to acknowledge the work they're doing, because this makes a big impact on the way they feel about the way the come to work everyday.” Davis Smith - CEO, Cotopaxi

  • HealthEquity

    “Culture is all about interactions. You can have the parties and perks, but at the end of the day, you’re company culture is about how your team members interact with each other. Motivosity has helped enhance our interactions amongst our team members.” Greg Price - Director of People, HealthEquity

  • WasatchIT

    “What we want at WasatchIT is satisfied customers; and the only way we can have that is if we have satisfied employees that we are constantly investing in.” Spencer Ferguson - CEO, WasatchIT

  • Northwest Bank

    “Every person here is important. For every person here to be able to recognize their peers, for both little things and big things, Motivosity has given us the framework to be able to do that in a very easy to use way.” Jamie Shulman - CEO, Northwest Bank


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