Motivosity Lead - Product Overview

Better one on ones build happier teams

You’ve heard that people join the company and quit their boss. That ends now. When managers are supported with tools to help them lead, employees perform at their highest potential

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Focus on priorities. Focus on impact

With Motivosity Lead, managers have easy to use tools that help them focus on doing the right things the right way. These tools are designed to add real value where it matters - between the managers and their teams.

Real Value


"With Motivosity, we’ve seen a major shift in our managers' abilities to truly lead their teams. They are more connected to their employees than ever, and the feedback loop between teams has increased performance across the department. Everyone does better when their work is appreciated."

Brian Gibb

Xactware Solutions Inc.

Vice President, Support Services & Customer Care

How Motivosity Lead helps leaders create constructive relationships with their direct reports


Being recognized and appreciated is the number one driver of job satisfaction. Motivosity makes appreciation from managers more consistent.

1 on 1s

Consistent and effective communication is a hallmark of a good leader. When managers and team members have consistent and collaborate 1 on 1’s, both parties become more effective.

Continuous Feedback

Leaders who coach, also inspire. Feedback is designed to help team members know exactly where they stand and how to improve.


A coach provides direction between plays, not once per season. Similarly, priorities that are frequently updated by managers and their team members provide ongoing clarity and focus.

Succession Planning

You can now shift ‘Succession Planning’ from an aspirational goal to something your managers can actually be good at. With centralized visibility, you’ll always know where things stand.

Key Player Evaluations

Get a bottom-up look at how the team believes value creation is attributed in the organization.

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