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December 9, 2019

Motivosity Makes it Easy to Budget, Approve, and Track Spot Bonuses

Say goodbye to asking, “Where did all that money go?”

Silicon Slopes, UTAH, December 9, 2019 - Motivosity, the company intent on helping people be happier at work, has added new functionality to its employee recognition and feedback platform that makes it easy for companies to budget, approve, and track spot bonuses.

"Spot bonuses have always been a pain for companies," said Motivosity founder and CEO, Scott Johnson. "Managers aren’t sure of the approval process. Finance departments have challenges tracking the expenses. Some businesses distribute the bonuses as cash or physical gift cards, which can make things even worse. What we’ve done is build a spot bonus function into Motivosity, where budgets can be set and tracked based on the manager’s level in the organization. Approval processes are set up-front and requests are automatically routed to the right person to be approved. Overall, this streamlines a process that is important to a company’s overall compensation strategy."

According to Dan Anderson, Head of Total Rewards at Digicert, "Managing the process and spend for spot bonuses is a challenge for any organization, particularly for managers that engage in meaningful and timely recognition of employees who go above and beyond every day. Seeing how much easier this process can be facilitated and administered through Motivosity is very attractive. It will reduce administrative burden and provide greater consistency for recognition programs."

The spot bonus function is part of the core Motivosity offering with no additional license requirement. Motivosity administrators appreciate the intuitive user interface that allows them to easily set up the guidelines for spot bonuses and then provides access to comprehensive management reports. Safeguards ensure that spot bonuses are given out inside predefined dollar amounts. The product release date allows customers to move spot bonuses into Motivosity for the 2020 budget cycle. To see an overview of the capability, click to watch this two-minute video.

Culture can't be created from the top. To have a measurable impact, culture needs to come from the team members themselves. Motivosity is a platform that engages employees, trusting them to recognize and reward the great work happening around them.

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