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April 5, 2023

Motivosity Now Impacts the Entire Employee Experience, Not Just Recognition

Motivosity supports organizations in shaping the ultimate employee experience built on gratitude & connectedness, enhanced by its updated, easy-to-use platform

LEHI, UTAH, UNITED STATES, April 5, 2023 -- From the first interaction to their last, be an employee’s career highlight by creating a community where they receive frequent recognition, feel heard, and build meaningful relationships with managers and coworkers.

Motivosity is the employee experience platform that helps companies address the most critical moments in the employee journey. We build an engaging experience for teams of all sizes through community and connection while encouraging frequent recognition & manager development and providing actionable employee insights.

And while Motivosity has previously focused primarily on recognition and rewards, we understand that employees need more than that to feel fulfilled and connected to their company. So we’ve expanded our perspective and created a holistic platform that addresses all the most important points for your employees and will help you create an amazing culture your people will remember.

“Motivosity is in a unique position to be a leader in the Employee Experience category because we’ve built a platform that is meant specifically for organizations and their team members. We’re not an HRIS or HCM tool created to address corporate or HR needs. Motivosity is the cultural heartbeat for our customers, which gives us a really powerful opportunity to improve the entire employee experience.

Not every company is ready to tackle the entire employee experience because it’s such a heavy lift. Motivosity’s new approach allows Executives and people leaders to decide what part of the EX journey they’re ready to tackle, solve it, and still look to future opportunities within the same platform,” says Jesse Dowdle, Motivosity CTO.

Motivosity is changing the way people think about the employee experience. We break down silos between stages in the employee journey to create the ultimate all-in-one platform to appreciate, listen to, and connect with your employees.

Now more than ever, training human beings, not employees, is crucial. Take a personal stake in what is going on with the people within an organization and watch the culture transform into a powerful force driven by employees who feel connected not only with each other but with the organization entirely.

“We love seeing the impact Motivosity has on each of our customers. This next phase comes from listening to their needs and understanding the impact of gratitude on the employee experience. Motivosity has always been built to put people first. By elevating the employee experience, Motivosity helps companies receive all the benefits that come with a high-energy connected workforce.” says Scott Johnson, Founder, and CEO at Motivosity.

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