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June 16, 2018

Say Goodbye to Intrusive Employee Net-Promoter Score Surveys

Motivosity creates an easy way for companies to have a constant view into employee satisfaction

Silicon Slopes, UTAH, June 16, 2018 - Motivosity, the company intent on helping people be happier at work, has added a zero-effort way for organizations to have an ongoing view of the satisfaction of their employees, alongside industry benchmark comparables.

Measuring employee satisfaction is an admirable goal, but the process for gathering, analyzing, and acting on the data is broken, said Scott Johnson, CEO of Motivosity. "Business moves so fast these days, which means executive leadership needs to have constant read-outs of employee satisfaction levels, or risk losing touch.

HR teams all know the drill. Leadership wants to measure the satisfaction of the employees. The survey questions get created. Someone is assigned to manage the survey process. The tool to gather the data gets selected. The survey gets sent out. The responses are collected and the data is analyzed. Then three-month-old data is presented to company leadership. And nothing changes. But the "we-measure-eNPS" box gets checked. See you again in six months.

There is a better way. As a part of its comprehensive cloud-based software platform, Motivosity delivers a customizable six-question survey to employees throughout the year, with each employee being offered a survey four times during the year. Results are viewable on-demand in intuitive dashboards by department, showing quarter-over-quarter score increases and decreases, along with comparisons against industry benchmarks. Continued Johnson, "With Motivosity, there is no such thing as an eNPS project. The information is continually being gathered, viewable at any time by managers and leadership. The result is more timely and accurate access to eNPS information without the time-consuming administrative overhead."

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