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are you happy?

Like... do you love work?

You work hard, but it's tough to tell when you've done good work, because nobody seems to notice. You've been rewarded in the past, but it's impossible to tell what's "rewardworthy" and what isn't. Standards and expectations seem to fluctuate, and it's hard to stay motivated.

(We totally get it. We've been there.)

we have answers

Work should be fun.

Imagine that your extra effort is actually recognized in a cool, visible way that turns into goodwill and rewards that are actually rewards (you know... not the extra coupons that have been sitting in an admin's desk). Better yet, all that recognition is noticed by your team, your boss, you boss' boss and others who now know what you really do and your important dates - like another year at the company are always remembered. It's all possible with Motivosity.

My colleagues are strangers

These people are strangers.

There's little opportunity to get to know your coworkers. Interactions between departments are short and usually stem from a complaint or request for information. Even the people in your own department are strangers because there's no opportunity to learn anything about anyone. There's really no way to formally recognize team members for helping you in a tough situation, and a simple 'thank you' just doesn't do justice.

Spread the joy

Spread the joy.

Part of why you go to work is the social aspect. Motivosity plugs you into the company in ways that lame HR system can only dream of.

You're not a disconnected minion working in a dusty corner. You know the people around you, what they're like, what they like, and what they do. You have a voice to say thanks. You have the tools to connect. Make it rain, man. Make it rain.


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