Great people = great company

you understand your people.

There is no way that cool startup down the street is going to poach your best people. You know that it takes a special environment to keep people motivated and running at full-throttle.

You also know that culture is your one key competency - the one thing that your competition can never imitate. Know if you could just get your whole executive team bought into the idea that all this touchy-feely stuff is important.

we provide the cover

culture. engagement. motivation.

We help you drive high-performance culture wall-to-wall. Motivosity delivers a ground swell of team unity and high morale. Even those managers over in engineering jump in.

Better yet, Motivosity connects people's extra efforts with company values. Now you can see a data-driven picture of which values are lived by, what silos exist in the company, who is contributing, and where opportunities are for improving culture.

Spend a few bucks on company culture

get the buy-in.

You care about culture, back it with a few bucks and watch the magic happen. Supporting a culture of recognition and relationships by providing an environment for people to reward each other is something you can do this morning and see results this afternoon.

Motivosity helps company values become much more than writing on the wall. It allows them to become organizational habits.

Employee recognition should be consistent. Make steady progress

make steady progress.

You've done the cards, the company meetings, the newsletters, and the nominations... all because you care.

Now it's time to up the ante. Now it's time for daily recognitions, for driving company values every day, for remembering important dates and having that rare 'human' leadership team.


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