I Keep people honest

You're quite set on no nonsense

No fakery here.

You've heard this before, right? Some magic tool you wave around the shantytown of cubicles that miraculously transforms the barren wasteland where creativity goes to die into a thriving metropolis where people eat ladyfingers for every meal, then hold hands and sing by fireside at the end of every joyous day? Yeah, this isn't one of those things. Feel goodery is great, but we're in the business of something much bigger.

We deal in substance

We've got the numbers.

We know what you're thinking - no one has time for this and even if they did, you couldn't pay them to use it. Well, chief, here are the cold hard facts. Motivosity companies see 95%+ sustained participation from the employee base. Average users give 3-5 appreciations per month. Average managers give 10-12. The initial application setup takes only 2-3 hours, and company admins spend just 1 hour per month making it run smoother than butter on a slip n' slide.

This is a legitimate program, not a empty promise

There's no end in sight.

You get pitched on these "enlightened" programs all the time, and they're super for sending out warm, fuzzy hugs on shooting stars. Only you don't work with kittens and unicorns. You deal in real data, and at the end of the day, that's precisely what matters. These kumbaya moments just come off as insincere, and honestly, they're a little embarrassing to the organization. You can't seriously be the only one who's just not glowing with euphoria, right?

This thing's got juice

This thing's got juice.

Motivosity wasn't created by some spoiled preteen that wanted to create a cooler way to send XOs and partyhat emoticons to their BFFs. It was built by the founder of an enterprise SaaS company that felt every one of these pain points within its own walls. The problems and challenges are real, and so is the solution. Tried and true with the numbers to back it, Motivosity delivers what it promises. (No fireside handholding and acoustic sets necessary.)


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