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Tips for Upgrading your Team by Ted Lasso by Logan Mallory

Whether you are as obsessed with Ted Lasso as we are or not, this session is for you! Managers and our teams have the biggest influence on employee engagement. So what are you doing as a leader to make sure your team is engaged? How are you developing your management style to take care of each employee on your team or within your organization? Don’t listen to us, listen to Ted Lasso.

We don’t want to spoil too much, but here are the teasers for what we will be talking about with you:

1. Everyone’s on the team

2. Be a Goldfish

3. Fix the water pressure

4. Mentors are better than managers

5. Be curious not judgmental

6. Genuine appreciation above all else

From connecting our workplace communities and leading with vulnerability, to 1 on 1s and investing in relationships, let's all learn together, become the best leaders we can be and level up our teams.

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