Screenshot showing the dashboard of the recognize product from Motivosity.

How Motivosity Recognize Drives Employee Satisfaction


Our secret: public peer-to-peer and manager appreciation. You’ll love seeing every little thing being recognized across teams, departments, and even the whole organization! Not to mention...having data for it all!

Spot Recognitions

Finally, an easy way to do this! Giving on-the-spot recognitions is simpler than ever with Motivosity. No more jumping through 50 hoops.


Never forget another important milestone again! Let us keep track of the birthdays and work anniversaries for you and sleep easy knowing that you’ll be on top of it all.

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Screenshot showing the Motivosity store with the popular gift card options.

Never Underestimate the Power of Employee Recognition!

The ThanksMatters Card

We’re completely changing the way you recognize and reward your employees. With the new ThanksMatters Visa Card, your employees choose exactly how and when they want to be rewarded. With a 40% increase in cardholder appreciations, it’s an employee rewards software that your employees will actually want...and use!


Public recognition does ALOT to lift company culture, but giving employees the chance to cash their rewards for exactly what they want? A game changer! Whether it’s gift cards, company swag, local rewards, or even a non-profit cause—they have the power to choose.

Awards & Badges

Whether you want to create great team banter or showcase the achievements of a team member, you can create and share your own awards and badges in Motivosity.

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