Recognition and Rewards that keep your employeeshappy.

Motivosity is the people-first Recognition and Rewards solution that creates engaged employees, automates your programs, and connects people across teams.

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Your employees are the heart of your company. We'll help you put them first.

Motivosity is not just another tool your people will ignore. Our engaging, people-first approach to employee recognition and rewards is about building software your entire company will use and love.

Modernize the way you recognize.

  • Regularly recognize employees.

    Automate your employee recognition efforts, save time, and help all of your employees feel valued and seen for their hard work. 

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    Celebrate “big days” like work anniversaries and birthdays

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    Enable leaders to give value-based awards and badges

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    Recognize every employee with a peer-to-peer program

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    Motivate performance with challenges and monetary incentives

  • Give instant rewards.

    Reward employees with unlimited options, while gifting yourself a streamlined redemption process and automated reporting.

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    Create customizable gifts quickly and easily

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    Get instant access to rewards and full spending flexibility

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    Choose from hundreds of gift cards, charities, and more

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    Offer company merch and branded swag

  • Run employee programs.

    Make recognition a key part of all your people initiatives—from your wellness program to onboarding, ERGs, leadership development, and more.

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    Drive higher participation with challenges and incentives

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    Give employees one place to go for all people-related content

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    Consolidate and manage your programs in one place

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    Make announcements, share resources, and manage events

  • Unify your workplace.

    Connect your company across silos, hybrid teams, remote workers, and locations with an engaging, social platform that highlights the positive and celebrates success.

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    Bring employees together into a virtual social network

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    Make it easy to find who does what at your company

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    Strengthen relationships with social recognition

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    Help people work better together with personality profiles

  • Communicate more effectively.

    Simplify your internal communication efforts and connect employees to the voice of the company—in a place that’s not email.

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    Schedule posts, highlights, and announcements

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    Create Spaces for your CEO blog or company newsletter

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    Make important resources and information easy to find

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    Segment communications to specific employee groups

  • Measure employee engagement.

    Keep a pulse on employee sentiment, make data-backed decisions on which initiatives to prioritize, and measure the impact you’re making.

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    Send pulse surveys to the entire organization or specific groups

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    Run a regular engagement survey to maintain a strong company culture

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    Keep track of employee engagement metrics and responses

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    Get real-time, relevant employee feedback

Here's what our customers love about Motivosity.

All your rewards in one huge, easy-to-use store.

Whether your employees like gift cards, company swag, Amazon, making charitable donations, or buying groceries and fuel...Motivosity is the Employee Recognition and Rewards solution with one of the largest reward marketplaces you can find.

Icon of a gift box or giftcard used for rewarding employees.

100,000+ rewards

Icon of sunglasses, representing low cost and affordable company swag in an employee store.

Company swag made easy

Icon of a bag full of money, representing the dollars a company uses for their employee rewards program.

Make your dollar go further

Image of a woman holding the ThanksMatters Card by Motivosity, the most flexible way to reward employees.

Try our ThanksMatters Visa card today.

Give your employees access to the biggest reward network in the world with the ThanksMatters Card. Redeem rewards across the globe and put the freedom to choose in the hands (and pockets) of your employees.

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5 star reviews

Several awards that Motivosity has won, showing the unique value it brings as an employee recognition program.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Employee Recognition and Rewards software?

Employee Recognition and Rewards software is an essential tool for keeping workers happy and engaged, boosting productivity, and maintaining an unparalleled company culture!

Often, employees feel overlooked and undervalued...which leads to disengagement, a decrease in productivity, and ultimately—turnover. No organization wants a team of low performing, unhappy employees!

But, if your employees feel valued by their managers, peers, and leadership, they understand the impact they make and how important they are to the success of your company. They feel connected to the people they work with, with your company values, the work they do every day, and to your organization as a whole. This all results in improved teamwork, greater loyalty, and a more unified workforce.

Motivosity makes recognizing and rewarding employees easy. Why wait to see all of these incredible benefits...and more?!

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What does "people-first" mean?
How does Motivosity help me motivate my employees?
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