Keep a Pulse on Employee Engagement

Keep a pulse on employee engagement.

Create and send employee engagement and pulse surveys to understand how your employees feel when it matters the most.

Image of employee smiling because their organization used an employee engagement platform.

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Image of employee feedback from an employee engagement survey in Motivosity.

Measure employee sentiment regularly.

Want to know how your team really feels about work? Motivosity helps you measure employee engagement like a pro. Send out your annual employee engagement survey or increase the frequency to keep a tab on sentiment year-round. Use the MV6 Satisfaction Survey as an early warning system, see how you measure up to industry standards, and identify where you can make improvements to boost engagement.

Image of data around employee pulse surveys and survey respondents in Motivosity.

Create and send custom surveys.

Need quick feedback on a new initiative or attendance for the company party? Create your own survey and send it to your entire organization or specific groups in a snap. You'll get the information you need to make decisions, and your team members get to provide feedback that will improve your company's culture. Fast, easy, and oh-so-insightful!

Image of sweeteners in Motivosity, built to increase employee survey response rates and incentivize feedback.

Reduce survey fatigue and increase employee participation.

It can be exhausting for both you and your employees to send and take frequent surveys, especially when there's nothing to incentivize participation. Run your employee surveys in Motivosity and even attach a monetary sweetener to encourage engagement. Get high survey participation and valuable insights that will help you make informed decisions to improve your company culture.

Icon representing employee engagement at work.

Measure employee engagement.

Go beyond the annual engagement survey and understand employee sentiment in real-time.

Icon representing insights and reporting on employee survey questions.

Understand crucial data & trends.

Get insightful reports and dashboards about your survey results to help you understand important trends.

Icon representing happy employees as a result of annual employee engagement surveys.

Boost employee satisfaction.

Use people analytics and quantitative data to identify issues and improve business outcomes.

Image of an employee engagement survey dashboard, showing employee feedback and giving relevant feedback.

Track engagement levels like a boss.

Stay on top of your game with Motivosity’s powerful tracking tools. Keep track of employee engagement metrics and make positive changes to your employee experience. See what’s working, identify areas for improvement, and make the most of the data collected. The best business leaders are all about staying informed and proactive. Motivosity makes that easy.

Image of other organizational metrics made available to your organizational leadership team with Motivosity.

Empower your executive team with organizational metrics.

Make HR indispensable by giving company leadership the reports they need to understand your company culture and workforce in a cinch. Whether it's measuring employee engagement, gathering relevant feedback in a time of change, or just about anything else—Motivosity helps you collect the right feedback and create automated reports in a way that makes sense to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is employee engagement important?

    Employee engagement is the way you can measure how loyal and committed your employees are to their work, your company values, and your organization. Engagement is influenced by everything your employees experience.

    If your employees are actively engaged, you'll often see extra effort and increased performance, reduced turnover, a more positive work environment, a stronger company culture, and even improvements to your bottom line.

  • What are a few questions I can ask my employees to measure sentiment?

  • What is an eNPS survey?