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Results matter as much as the experience. We’ve got something to say about both.

We’ve been seeing the impact our employee experience solution has had on customers for years… and it keeps getting better.

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more connected to their team.

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more employees wanted to stay at their company, even when offered a raise.

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Spencer Ferguson, Founder and CEO

“Motivosity presented their solution to upgrade our employee experience. After seeing everything they do, it was clear the costs were a no-brainer, and we knew we’d get a huge return on our investment. Now years later, it’s clear it was the right choice!”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my plan scale to fit company growth?

    Absolutely. We understand that not all of our products will necessarily be a good fit for your company when you’re first starting out. That’s why you can upgrade your plan and add additional products or team members as required (or wanted)! We want to grow with we make that easy.

  • What’s the minimum number of users?

  • Do I have to subscribe to the whole suite?

  • What about support?

  • How much is implementation?

  • How about leadership coaching?

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