Illustration of a snowy mountain range
Illustration of a snowy mountain range

What’s Up with the Yeti?

Meet Carl: the most grateful member of the Motivosity team. Our entire crew is famous for being energetic and passionate about making work a better place, but Carl’s enthusiasm makes ours look tiny! It turns out this yeti is a perfect fit for the team because nothing makes him happier than gratitude and connectedness - especially at work. And it doesn’t hurt that his face is the same color as our logo!

Icon of a map

Yetis are known as the best guides in the world. Carl is your guide to a more connected and grateful workplace.

Icon of a ruler

Carl stands a whopping 8 feet tall! He raises the bar on employee experience.

Icon of a chain link

Carl lived a lonely life in the Himalayas. No wonder he gets the importance of connection!

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In Carl’s time with Motivosity, he’s helped people experience the magic of gratitude more than 5 million times.

Connection and Recognition Leave a Big Footprint

Before coming to Motivosity Carl had a lonely career path. Just imagine, working in a dark cave way up in the peaks of the Himalayas - he was so remote that most of his co-workers didn’t believe he even existed. But eventually, he decided there was more to life than just work. It was that idea that helped him understand the Motivosity promise: The very best way to keep employees engaged is to make sure they experience a sense of connection and are recognized for how great they are at work.

And that’s why he joined the Motivosity team. So, you might see Carl at an event or even giving you a thumbs up in the app. When you do, remember what he stands for: gratitude and connectedness are important to everyone; even the most remote teammates.

Illustration of Carl the Yeti hiking into work.

Ready to see what Carl can do for your culture?