Community & Connection

Create a connected culture that employees love.

Remote or in-office, your employees need to feel connected to a community at work. And when it comes to cultural onboarding, it’s an important element in making every employee feel like they belong. Building a culture of community and connection is the first step on the employee experience journey.

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Screenshot of a personality test result in Motivosity.

Go beyond titles — bring the human experience back to work.

We’re all real people. Part of creating an unforgettable journey for your team includes intentionally building connections between life and work. Get to know your peers and employees on a more personal level with personal profiles, personality maps, and interest groups. Break the ice with Stuart from Finance or Lucy in Sales… who knows, they might just be your new best friend!

Screenshot of an appreciation in Motivosity.

Stay connected in a remote world: post real-time announcements, highlights, and more.

Trying to keep your office and remote employees engaged? Whether you’re posting about the winner of the ugly holiday sweater contest or announcing a crucial new hire, don’t let anyone miss another important announcement or highlight. Appearing on the social feed, employees can react, respond and stay informed without missing a beat.

What are people saying about Motivosity?

Don't take it from us, let our Motivosity family tell you how they really feel! With over 2,000 reviews across Capterra, G2 Crowd, and Google Reviews, and an average rating of 4.8/5 stars, and a 95% utilization rate, you can be sure that you are making the right choice for your employees.

Motivosity compels people to think beyond themselves. It captures an idea that people can do more with gratitude, kindness, positivity, and appreciation. Participation and use of Motivosity has helped me to feel appreciated at work in ways I have never experienced or encountered.

- Jeff B., Utah Transit Authority

Illustration of Carl the Yeti pointing at an organization chart in Motivosity.

No more ‘who-does-what’. Cut down on org chart confusion for good.

Only 2 in 10 employees feel that their performance is being managed in a way that makes them want to do great work. Engage your employees and encourage them to do their best by having continuous streams of feedback and 360-degree reviews. Help them understand their impact on the organization, everywhere from job results to value fit...and then help them level up.

Man smiling at his laptop holding a mug.

Recognition from the top to help your people feel seen.

How often do your front-line employees rub shoulders with the leadership team? Odds are, not enough. The same goes for recognition from the top. Your team wants to feel appreciated at every level of the organization, and when they receive genuine recognition for the good things they’re doing, it’s bound to make a difference in how they feel about company leadership. Plus, giving your executives an opportunity to see all the good things happening in your company is a rare opportunity…and greatly appreciated!

Connect Employees to Your Company with Flexible Rewards

Gifts and rewards are an important part of the employee experience, but don't underestimate the power they have to connect your employees to your company, too.

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Image of the Motivosity Thanksmatters card.

What's next in your employee experience journey?

Recognition & Rewards

Manager Development

Employee Insights

The culture builder that boosts performance? AKA a no-brainer...

Employees feeling appreciated for the work they do is a real game changer in employee engagement. By adding Recognition & Rewards, users can attach dollars to every appreciation sent. We call this “peer-to-peer giving”  and it's the best way to get your employees into the platform, recognize their peers, and redeem rewards they actually want. The sort of influence “currency” that will take your culture to the next level.

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