Recognition & Rewards

The employee recognition software that creates real connections.

3 out of 4 employees think their mental health would improve if they received more frequent recognition for their work. Make appreciating your team members and rewarding them for their performance part of your employee experience. Managers and team members can celebrate the day-to-day 'wins' in real time. Let’s make gratitude your secret weapon to increase employee engagement and create lasting connections.

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Image of a man smiling after getting an appreciation on the Motivosity employee recognition software.

Top-down recognition is out, peer-to-peer recognition is in.

The quarterly MVP award isn't doing what you thought it would for employee engagement. With a company-wide employee recognition solution, everyone can easily send public appreciation with dollars attached to let employees, managers, and peers recognize one another. Tie peer-to-peer social recognition to your own company values and see employees come to life on your Motivosity homepage. Without a doubt, this is one of the most impactful ways to celebrate wins, boost employee retention & change your company culture. #ThanksMatters

Screenshot of the store in the Motivosity rewards platform.

Give your people access to the most flexible, meaningful employee rewards marketplace.

Want another ill-fitting company t-shirt or a dusty Long John Silvers gift card from the back of the closet that you're pretty sure expired in 2011? Or...let your employees choose what they want with their #ThanksMatters Card almost anywhere and redeem gifts from a customizable company store with hundreds of reward options?! Add your own gifts like branded swag or even a carwash from the CEO. Let your employees be active participants in how they receive employee rewards. Plus, you don't have to manage gift card inventories or balances - Motivosity has that automated for you!

What makes Motivosity different from other recognition platforms?

An orange icon showing a group of people, demonstrating workplace connection.

Builds real connections.

Other employee recognition platforms help you give people stuff. Motivosity helps you create connections that go beyond the walls of the office.

A green icon with a giftcard wrapped in a bow, demonstrating employee rewards.

Most meaningful rewards.

Don't restrict your employees to an Amazon marketplace. Motivosity lets your employees spend their dollars on things they actually need (and use)!

A purple icon of a potted plant, demonstrating growing with a customer.

Grows with you.

We don't stop at recognition. When you're ready, we'll grow with you to help you understand employee engagement through surveys, manager tools, and more.

A relaxed man at a desk after giving a spot bonus in the Motivosity employee recognition system.

Custom awards and badges to automate your company-wide initiatives.

Friendly competition meets company-wide employee engagement efforts. Create custom awards and badges, whether it's for employee-of-the-month, book club, or even the team hot dog eating competition. Plus, employee nominations and award submissions are made easy with Motivosity! Leverage awards and badges to kickstart initiative engagement and get employees excited.

Carl the yeti, the Motivosity mascot, celebrating employee birthdays in an employee recognition platform.

Don't miss another milestone: service awards on a personal level.

Loving Motivosity's employee recognition software so far? So are we. But don't forget to reward employees on their work anniversaries and birthdays, too! Everyone wants to be celebrated on the days that are important to them. With a company gift and the ability for peers to comment and celebrate ahead of time or on the big day, the important dates are easily remembered and celebrated.

Illustration of a trophy next to several employee awards like employee referral and donating blood.

Spot recognition made easy…super easy.

Managers should celebrate employees who go above and beyond. Though frequent appreciation is important, so is on-the-spot recognition. Instead of leaving a gift card on someone's desk, give them a monetary reward in Motivosity and let them choose how to spend their hard-earned dollars. And trust us, your finance team will love that gift cards aren't just floating around the office.

Reports that show employee engagement and dollar allocations for Motivosity's recognition platform.

Get real-time actionable insights about your employee recognition program.

It's good to have a recognition initiative, great that you're doing something about it, but it's even greater when you have powerful reporting that shows you (and your leadership team) how it's making a positive impact. Identify which teams and individuals are the most engaged, see where dollars are being spent, and get a pulse on how effective your recognition software is.

What are people saying about Motivosity?

Don't take it from us, let our Motivosity family tell you how they really feel! With over 2,000 reviews across Capterra, G2 Crowd, and Google Reviews, and an average rating of 4.8/5 stars, and a 95% utilization rate, you can be sure that you are making the right choice for your employees.

“Motivosity is an amazing way for team members to recognize each other and say ‘thank you’ for great work. It increases the thankfulness of our team members and boosts morale.”

-Chris H., Health Catalyst

How does Recognition & Rewards build a better Employee Experience?

Image of a honeycomb with each section representing a part of Motivosity's Employee Experience.

The culture builder that boosts performance? AKA a no-brainer...

Employees feeling appreciated for the work they do is a real game changer in employee engagement. By adding Recognition & Rewards, users can attach dollars to every appreciation sent. We call this “peer-to-peer giving”  and it’s the best way to get your employees into the platform, recognize their peers, and redeem rewards they actually want. The sort of influence “currency” that will take your culture to the next level.

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