How to Bring Your Recognition Program into the 21st Century

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The Current State of Traditional Recognition Programs

Most people feel left out and unseen.

Too many great efforts get missed and overlooked.

There’s too much manual, time-consuming work for managers and HR.

Keeping the financial side right is difficult.

Gift cards have hefty fees and are hard to track.

Reward options are limited.

Email chains go on and on.

Work worth recognizing:

Doing a good job or accomplishing something big

Providing excellent customer service

Exemplifying company values

Reaching key milestones

Getting promoted

Winning or achieving an internal employee initiative

The Better, More Modern Way to Do Employee Recognition

Why Recognition Is Important to Your Business

Recognition increases job satisfaction and engagement.

Recognition improves motivation and productivity.

A Connected Culture Is the Right Foundation

More Meaningful Recognition: Peer-to-Peer

4 Ways to Make Your Modern, Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program Work

Make Every Recognition Public

Automate Milestone Awards/Gifts

Ditch Points and Give Real Dollars!

Provide Flexible Rewards for Employees.

The Value of Doing Recognition the Modern Way

Save time and money.

Get better employee insights.

Create a true culture of gratitude, built on connection.

Make sure every employee feels valued—in a scalable way.

Reduce turnover and improve retention.

Modernize and Streamline Employee Recognition with Motivosity