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4 Ways To Motivate Your Employees

By Erika Rahman
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Sometimes, finding the motivation to keep working is just plain difficult. Between stress, life, and personal things, burnout can creep up when we least expect it. And the results are downright devastating: lower work performance, less employee satisfaction, and even quitting altogether.

If you’re looking for some quick and simple ways to keep your employees motivated (and far away from burnout), you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to walk through four different ways to encourage teams, including how to get started.

What are factors for motivation?

Motivation is a lot like a recipe: you need to have the ingredients combined just right to get the best outcome. If something is missing, or if you don’t cook it long enough, you’re probably not going to get the result you want.

Fortunately for us, you don’t need to be a professional chef to identify these ‘ingredients’ in your company. According to experts, there are five factors of motivation:

  • Recognition — Giving your employees a well-deserved pat on the back.
  • Rewards — Bestowing a valuable gift in response to great work.
  • Leadership — Great bosses and supervisors help employees feel engaged.
  • Development — Opportunities for career advancement and future study.
  • Environment — A culture of recognition rules the roost!
image with text - 3 key factors of motivation: appreciation, connection, and leadership.

This is all well and good, but in our years of experience, these can be simplified to just three key things:

  1. Appreciation: Recognizing great work.
  2. Connection: Developing RELationships.
  3. Leadership: Equipping leaders to lead.

If you’re not sure what combination of factors are currently swirling around your company, an eNPS survey will get you one step closer to identification. Just make sure to complete one every quarter to track any changes!

What are good ways to motivate your employees?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: employee motivation starts with you. What really makes a motivated employee is consistency and care, shown by your genuine attempts to provide connection points (AKA, they can see you’re trying!).

Focus on these four factors to create lasting motivation throughout your organization.

1. Small weekly goals — Help employees develop short-term goals for a one-week period. Make sure to encourage SMART goals as much as possible (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely). Note these weekly goals don’t have to be for work alone. Maybe it’s taking the stairs once a day, or packing a healthier lunch. In either case, encourage goal setting as much as possible — and celebrate as they are achieved!

image with text - Give all your communications a positive bend, even in the face of crisis.

2. Be positive — Being a ‘glass half full’ kind of person is legit good for you. It reduces stress, increases productivity, and actually helps you think clearer as a result. We won’t deny the fact that bad things can and will happen over the course of your work life, but we encourage you to refocus and reframe your thinking. Give all your communications a positive bend, even in the face of crisis.

3. Motivate individuals with rewards — Motivation and rewards aren’t the same thing, but they’re definitely complementary to one another. Offer your employees actual gifts for the work they do, and look for ways to make said gifts as tangible as possible. Solutions like the ThanksMatters Card are a great way to encourage teams to do their best.

4. Gamify and incentivize — Turn daily tasks into friendly competition! Create public goalposts and markers that track employee progress, and offer some kind of trophy at the end. Let everyone check their progress by logging into an online portal or dashboard. Think rewards, but with a friendlier, less cutthroat connotation.

image with text - Keep in mind that employees are motivated in different ways. Find solutions that fit everyone in the simplest way possible.

Do these solutions work in all circumstances? Yes and no. Bear in mind that employees from different generations are motivated differently as well. The key is to look for a combination of all factors in a simple, straightforward way — and leading by example, to boot!

Make employee recognition easy with Motivosity

At Motivosity, we believe every employee deserves to feel motivated (it’s right there in the name!). That’s why we’ve spent years bringing workplaces together with the help of technology, offering complimentary engagement software built for any and every team. Encourage, connect, and reward your employees for a job well done, and stave away the ‘burnout blues’ with every action you take.

Recognize your employees in a way that leads to authentic motivation with a little help from Motivosity. We’d love to help you get connected. Just book a demo to learn more!