Motivosity Helps Increase Employee Morale, Motivation, and Culture


The motivation aspect of Motivosity is really important because a lot of the times there's a lot of unsung heroes and Motivosity gives you the opportunity to sing their praises. Maybe they might feel a little awkward about it like 'Oh it's just doing my job,' but like no, you really stepped up and you really helped us out so we want to shout you out and make everybody aware that you have gone above and beyond. (Mike Olsen)

I think all of our team members genuinely and just like most people want to do a really good job. But isn't it so interesting when you when someone says thank you, how much further that goes. You know that I put my heart and soul into doing something for you and to know that you recognized it and appreciated it... Man, when they asked me to do something again I'm so much more willing to to jump in and help however I can. (Derek Miner)

Usually when people are looking at recognition, interaction, or appreciation, the traditional way to think about it is 'What do I get out of it?' and that's the initial reaction a lot of people have. They look at the store that Motivosity has and they want to think about what they can get out of it. Sometimes the challenge is when you go into an international market some countries have less opportunities for redemption in the store. What happens is when people get into the system they realize it's more about just the simple interaction of saying thank you. They stop thinking about every time it's about a dollar and they start thinking about it's an appreciation that helps someone know that you care. It's an appreciation that helps them interact in a way that helps the other end be motivated to interact in a better way the next time. (David Alsop)

It's not often that you see CEOs that will actually spend time talking about how they have been inspired by the people that work for their team and Motivosty has been that lens for our CEO Ben. He regularly will talk with our J-force about 'Hey, I noticed that you did this' and I was able to see that through Motivosity. So one, thank you for recognizing someone else and two, thank you for being part of our team. That's really exemplified what our values are and what we're trying to do of making contractors heroes. That's our company mission and it's really brought to life through Motivosity. Those appreciations happen and it's a key part of what makes us who we are and that lens that our C-Suite has comes through Motivosity. (Jared Olsen)