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Bring Team Members from Different Departments Together, A Jet Dental & Motivosity Culture Story

How Motivosity Supports the Team at Jet Dental: Jet Dental’s culture is fun and inviting - it’s great to work with people who are energetic and love working for the company. Motivosity helps bring people from different departments together. Different departments, especially those that work from home, are able to interact on one platform. Motivosity brings everyone together and allows team members to talk with one another, see what’s happening, and appreciate each other. Kate shares an example of how recognition in Motivosity made her feel seen and like she was working in conjunction with team members she doesn’t always interact with.

Kate Scholl is a Senior Account Executive at Jet Dental, a mobile, on-site dental provider for corporations nationwide. Jet Dental improves the health of their client’s employees by bringing the dentist to their workplace at no cost to them — they simply bill the dental insurance they already have!

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