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Make Your Corporate Values Come to Life, A Big Leap & Motivosity Culture Story

How Motivosity supports the Team at Big Leap: At Big Leap, culture is their secret sauce. Their motto is "earn trust everyday" and their core values are character, competence, and community. Motivosity has helped integrate those core values into everyone’s daily activities. Because of their utilization of Motivosity, Big Leap has built their recognition efforts around their core values, resulting in a more authentic way of living those values. "Seeing people recognized for those core values allows us to create a sense of authenticity without them being just words. Everyday we get to see meaningful actions that back up those values."

Keri Kraatz is the Head of HR at Big Leap, a digital marketing agency that’s built on trust. What began as a small one-man startup flourished into the agency they are today — built on trust, focused on relationships, and motivated by the long term success of every client they work with.

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