How Motivosity Helps Companies Improve the Onboarding Experience


So when i came onto Job Nimbus they already had Motivosity in place and it was something that really kind of took me aback. I was very impressed that they had this system in place to kind of shout out some really good things that were happening in the company. It helped me understand the values of Job Nimbus, where the company's at and who some of the all-stars were that I could reach out to as a new onboarding person to say 'Hey I'm having a question about this'. This helped me color my perspective on other departments in the company that I have yet to have experience with. (Mike Olsen)

A couple of things here, I think that we get what we focus on and in the absence of information you tend human nature to fill in with negative. What Motivosity does for us is it helps us bring to the front all of the great things that are happening. So for us it's where they go and they hear about this great company that they've just started to work for. The other thing is just easy connection points, so sometimes it's a little bit awkward to reach out to somebody and just say 'Hey welcome to the team' and you don't really have a whole dialogue. But if I can reach out and say 'Hey you are a champion, I'm a champion' we have that in common. Or 'Hey I noticed that you connected with this interest group, I love this too.' It just gives more connection points for us to get to know each other better. (Chantel Chase)