MV6 Survey & eNPS Dashboard

Stay Connected to Your Employees and Culture

Your employees have feelings. Stay locked into them with Motivosity’s MV6 pulse survey and dashboard. We created the MV6 from years of testing and refining and designed it to help businesses like yours measure the most important aspects of the employee experience.

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MV6: Six Questions To Ask Every Employee Quarterly

Don’t wait 365 days or more to ask your employees how they’re doing and what needs improvement. So much can change in a couple of months, let alone an entire year. The MV6 is a simple, six-question survey designed to go out quarterly so you can take action when it matters most.

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Avoid a Culture Crisis by Understanding Employee Sentiment.

One of the key indicators of burnout and potential turnover is employee sentiment. Don’t wait until after your team members are disengaged and disgruntled to know your organization needs some improvement.

When you use the MV6 to measure sentiment quarterly, you’ll get the insight you need to create informed plans of action to mitigate burnout and increase employee engagement in the long run.

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See real-time feedback about how well your managers lead.

70% of the variance in an employee’s experience comes back to the relationship between a manager and employee. Because of that, it’s vital for your organization to gather real-time feedback about how managers are performing so you can be proactive about coaching those leaders who need some extra support.

Motivosity’s MV6 gives you in-depth data about how employees really feel about their managers and will help you create actionable engagement plans to improve relationships across the org.

Why Should You Use the MV6 Survey?

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Simple & Easy to Use

Most eNPS surveys are long and clunky and administered through email. The MV6 is six simple questions that employees can answer right in Motivosity—where they already go daily to connect and appreciate their peers. They can take it in two minutes and you and your leadership team get quick, helpful insights into the health of your culture.

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High Participation

We don’t settle for a 40% survey participation rate, and neither should you. On average, Motivosity users see 89% of employees participating in the MV6 survey each year. We make administering (and completing) surveys easy so you can get a more accurate picture of the cultural health of your organization.

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Actionable Plans

Data is good, but it’s great when you know what to do with it. Using Motivosity’s AI assistant, Coach Carl, we’ll help you turn your fresh employee engagement data into plans that really make a difference. Your executive team will thank you for going above and beyond when it comes to employee surveys.

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Easy to Incentivize

Get higher participation rates and better data by using the Motivosity platform to incentivize employees to complete the survey. Use Giving Dollars or monetary Awards to sweeten the deal for every employee who participates—even if it’s only a dollar or two. They’ll take the survey happily!

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Get Quantifiable Proof Your People Initiatives Are Working

Your HR and executive teams regularly roll out new employee perks and programs to encourage engagement, connection, and retention. But how do you measure if those, often spendy, initiatives are really moving the needle with your people?

The MV6 quarterly survey makes it easy for you to see correlations between the roll out of new programs or perks and your overall eNPS score. Watch and see how what you’re doing is making a difference!

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Make Your Company Values More than Words on a Wall

Your mission statement and company values don’t make a difference if your employees don’t buy into them. Find out whether or not your employees align with and live by your values on a regular basis.

Motivosity’s MV6 will give you the data you need to know if your values and mission statement hit the mark or if readjustments are needed. Connecting with a purpose is the first step to connecting with your company.

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