Focus your time (and energy) on making your employees happier at work.

Who likes to be bogged down by the mundane reports and numbers when you could be making a real difference on your teams? With Motivosity’s built-in reporting tools, you can focus on what really matters: your employees.

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Image for Visibility your executives will LOVE.

Visibility your executives will LOVE.

Struggling to find the time to make a meaningful impact on your culture and also show the boss upstairs that your initiatives are working? We understand! That’s why we’ve created reports with visibility that matters. A plus side? You can schedule which reports are sent to who…and when!

Image for Visibility your executives will LOVE.
Image for Cross “getting the numbers” off your to-do list.

Cross “getting the numbers” off your to-do list.

We know it can’t be easy to juggle everything under the HR umbrella. You’ve got too much on your plate to worry about spreadsheets, manual reports, and a million other things. With Motivosity, all of the meaty goodness you need to report on is generated automatically and compiled with the reader in mind.

Image for Cross “getting the numbers” off your to-do list.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The rewards are a big hit. We use company swag, and community donation accounts as well as gift e-cards.”

- Maria V.

“The ThanksMatters Card is really slick! Motivosity will be more useful, and have a bigger impact on my work life.”

- Jenn P.

“My favorite part of Motivosity is the team building it creates amongst our company. The gift shop works great and I love how easy it is to get gift cards!”

- Nathan A.

“Motivosity helps in recognizing the peers for their success and builds confidence to do better. The rewards are amazing and can be redeemed for digital gift cards and cash as well.”

- Jugal P.

“Even though it’s just a coffee it’s nice to know it’s because you felt recognized that you have that money. It’s definitely going to help the recognition part.”

- Andres C.

“They get to decide how they will cash out (which gift cards they would like) and when they will cash out their earnings, which makes it a very nice and tailored experience.”

- Oliver F.

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