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April 11, 2018

Motivosity Delivers iOS and Android Employee Recognition Mobile App

Make it Easy for Every Employee to Feel Connected to Your Company

Silicon Slopes, UTAH, April 11, 2018 - Motivosity, the company intent on helping people be happier at work, has added a new iOS and Android mobile application as part of its employee recognition platform.

Think of how connected employees feel if they are able to be part of a company that celebrates success," said Scott Johnson, CEO of Motivosity. "Now take that a step further and think how much easier it is to build such a culture if every employee, regardless of location or access to a computer, is able to join the employee-driven culture movement. That is what we've created with the addition of the Motivosity mobile application.

Full featured, the Motivosity employee recognition mobile application includes the following core functionality:

• Celebrate success - Ability for employees to give small monetary rewards to each other for doing great things

• Connect with the business - Provide a social view of all the appreciations being posted throughout the company

• Connect with colleagues - Searchable view of team member profiles including department, interests, and responsibilities

• Internalize company values - All recognition is tied to a specific company value, reinforcing the sought-after company culture

• Feel appreciated - Instantly redeem Motivosity money for gift cards, company swag, or donate to charitable organizations

Culture can't be created from the top. To have a measurable impact, culture needs to come from the team members themselves. Motivosity is a platform that engages employees, trusting them to recognize and reward the great work happening around them.

About Motivosity

About Motivosity: The Motivosity platform includes four products that improve people's experiences at work and with managers. With their products, Connect, Recognize, Lead and Listen, they attack the main drivers of employee motivation: being recognized and appreciated at work, feeling connected to your manager and having a strong sense of community. These products can be mixed and matched to accommodate your company needs or size. Learn more at