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April 12, 2021

Motivosity Focuses on Inclusion with Latest Localization Improvements

A localized interface and automatic language translation means companies have a powerful way to support inclusivity efforts for their global teams

Lehi, UTAH, April 12, 2021 - Motivosity, the company changing employee recognition, has launched platform updates that make it easier for coworkers to engage, regardless of their geography or language barriers. The Motivosity interface will now be localized into 10 languages and user messages within the platform can be automatically translated between 71 languages. This means that peer to peer appreciations, company highlights and announcements will no longer be inhibited when employees don’t share a common language.

Motivosity is one of the first players in the employee recognition space to make this global feature available. Organizations with a multi-language employee base are now able to build relationships between teams that might have previously been limited. This means an increase in positive work culture experiences and productivity.

The timing of this release aligns with a desire to support organizations in their inclusion efforts. According to the The Society for Human Resource Management, “Inclusion describes the extent to which each person in an organization feels welcomed, respected, supported and valued as a team member...This type of environment requires people from diverse backgrounds to communicate and work together, and to understand one another's needs and perspectives.”

Inclusivity is crucial for diversity efforts to be successful, but it also drives productivity, employee engagement and work satisfaction.

Saying thanks is universal, and our professional world is more connected than ever,” said Jesse Dowdle, Motivosity’s Vice President of Product. “Anyone should be able to say thank you in their own language and be understood by their colleagues no matter where they live. We're happy to make saying thanks a little easier with Motivosity.

Machine-driven translations will improve the ability for employees to connect and build a sense of community across geographies. Platform localization will begin with beta versions in 8 languages, which will continue to progress and expand. This launch is an example of why Motivosity was recognized nationally with the “Best Company Outlook in 2021” award by Comparably. Both capabilities are immediately available.

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