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February 26, 2021

Motivosity lands on the Capterra Shortlist in 2021, Best Recognition Software

January 26th (Lehi, UT) - Motivosity, known for being a modern employee engagement and recognition software, wins a spot in the 2021 Capterra Shortlist - Employee Recognition Software. Having already won the Category Leaders and Front Runners Awards by the Gartner Digital Markets in 2021, it seems Motivosity is on to something good...

Gartner’s extensive research aims to combine user ratings and overall popularity, to create a dynamic and accurate view of an industry. Out of 172 products evaluated, Motivosity ranked in the top 20 employee engagement softwares available, and fourth in their popularity score! It’s simple: when people use Motivosity, they really love Motivosity, and the reviews are there to prove it.

“We spent a lot of time on product market fit, making sure our product achieves what we say it will achieve. All of our products are designed with the mission to make people happier at work.” says Founder and CEO, Scott Johnson. “This is something that is core to who we are internally as much as externally...”

Gartner takes recent reviews and feedback seriously, which allows Motivosity’s raving reviews to play in their favor.. As reviews are weighted more heavily, it’s evident that Motivosity’s future is just getting brighter and brighter. “Our customers love us, and we love them. It is amazing to see customers dive deep with Motivosity to make sure employees feel recognized for the work they do and engaged with the company” says Director of Customer Success, Jared Olsen.

With Motivosity launching its newest product, Motivosity Lead, to complete their offerings of a full employee engagement suite. they are growing quickly. All while making sure to maintain that their customers know, what their employees already do--Motivosity creates a great culture!

About Motivosity

About Motivosity: The Motivosity platform includes four products that improve people's experiences at work and with managers. With their products, Connect, Recognize, Lead and Listen, they attack the main drivers of employee motivation: being recognized and appreciated at work, feeling connected to your manager and having a strong sense of community. These products can be mixed and matched to accommodate your company needs or size. Learn more at