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January 5, 2022

Motivosity Revolutionizes Employee Recognition With the Launch of the ThanksMatters Card

LEHI UT, January 5, 2022 -- It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Motivosity’s most revolutionary innovation yet... Please make way for the ThanksMatters Card! Motivosity, a software for employee recognition and engagement has always been uncompromising in their mission to help make people happier at work, and this development shows their commitment to do just that.

Let’s go on a quick tour of this new tool in the MV arsenal; combining the ease of Motivosity’s dollar-for-dollar feature and the accessibility of Visa, the ThanksMatters card transfers Peer-to-Peer recognition into the literal pockets of users. From your local to your international employees, the ThanksMatters Card is the perfect solution. With the implementation of Motivosity’s software, users in North America will receive a digital and physical ThanksMatters card. No activation is required so as soon as they sign up, the user’s Motivosity spending money balance is ready and available to be spent wherever Visa is accepted. Users outside of the United States will have access to the digital card that can be used anywhere that accepts tap-to-pay.

There’s no doubt that this development will expand the influence of employee appreciation, allowing users to spend their appreciation dollars anywhere they choose, from groceries to copays. It works too, as Motivosity has seen that once beta users enroll in the ThanksMatters card, cardholders send 40% more appreciations in the Motivosity platform. In addition to more recognition, 90% of all user's purchases go through the card directly and purchase 340% more often than simply using the Store feature! These back and forth statistics illustrate an incredible win-win situation: users appreciate their peers more and redeem rewards more often with the ThanksMatters card.

This is the future of employee recognition and engagement. Motivosity integrates key company values with the innovations and ease of modern technology to bring the ThanksMatters Card to life. Simply put, this is taking recognition and rewards to a whole new level.

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Motivosity is an employee recognition and feedback software that is centered around the mission to help people be happier at work. From the way they’ve coached their customers to build amazing cultures, everything they do is designed around this vision. They believe that companies unlock their greatest potential when they connect, recognize, lead, and listen. Their four products, coincidentally named Connect, Recognize, Lead, and Listen work seamlessly together to bring this goodness to your great company. Motivosity customers experience a 95%+ user engagement rate. Our software drives amazing results by connecting employees to each other and to the business and makes visible all the great work your team members are doing. Take a closer look at