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December 15, 2021

Motivosity’s Own Scott Johnson Wins Comparably Award for Best CEO

LEHI, UTAH, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2021 / -- Scott would hate this press release, but we’re doing it anyway. How could we not boast about a CEO as stellar as he is. An award for best CEO, come on! What makes this award even more meaningful is the way in which Comparably gathers and analyzes data. Sentiment ratings come from within the company, meaning that employees get to give anonymous feedback about their real-time experiences within Motivosity.

Which brings us to the star of the show: Scott Johnson. Motivosity’s VP of Client Success, Erica Newell, put it brilliantly when she said the following:

“There are few people like Scott, even fewer CEO’s. Scott can navigate effortlessly between executing strategy meetings and wakesurfing on the lake - teaching the rest of us MVers how to do it in stride. I appreciate his passion for life, and the living of it. Company cultures typically reflect leadership, and Motivosity is no different. We have team bowling, cliff jumping, and mountain biking activities (amongst many others). Our fun culture, mission, and vision at Motivosity are a reflection of Scott. We are a company with a purpose that started with Scott’s passion.”

Motivosity still holds strong to the three company values it was founded with: Stay Young, Serve Always, and Love What You Do. Agreeing with these values is what has helped Scott create a thriving business, and exemplifying them himself is what has given rise to a company culture concerned about more than just quotas and ROI. “Scott is day in and day out,” comments Elliott Evans, a member of the Sales Team. “His genuine concern and effort doesn’t start and end with the walls of the office. Scott cares about the lives and success of his employees in their professional roles as well as their personal endeavors.”

Scott’s VP of Sales, Brad Jensen, continues saying “I love the vision Scott has for our company. He cares deeply about our mission and how we actually affect happiness in the workplace. I appreciate his knowledge of every aspect of the business and how he challenges and pushes each department head to be their best. More than anything, I appreciate how he lives and demonstrates our core values everyday.”

Scott has a track record of success, including a robust professional career as an entrepreneur and software developer. His last company, Workfront, which he was the Founder and CEO of for the first 10 years, was recently sold to Adobe for $1.5 billion. Additionally, with more than impressive competency in extreme sports, a long list of great impressions he’s made as a boss, a collaborator, a mentor, and a friend, we raise a glass to you, Scott, and toast to another award won and well deserved. Cheers!

About Comparably:

Comparably ( is a leading workplace culture and compensation monitoring site that provides the most comprehensive and accurate representation of what it’s like to work at companies. Employees can anonymously rate their employers in 20 workplace culture categories, providing the public a transparent and in-depth look at the experiences different segments of workers have based on gender, ethnicity, age, department, tenure, location, education, and company size. Since launching in 2016, Comparably has accumulated 10 million ratings on 60,000 U.S. companies. The platform has become one of the fastest-growing SaaS solutions for employer branding and a trusted third-party site for workplace and salary data, most notably for its annual Best Places to Work series.

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