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Our software solution enables enterprises to have an energetic and positive environment where people are anxious to help each other. We do this by giving every employee a little influence currency they can use to say thanks to those who are helping to build the company.
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The Ideal Workplace
Ways to Appreciate
Peer-to-peer social recognition
Employees are equally enthused about having the ability to publicly praise someone as they are about receiving praise.
Years of service awards
Important dates are a perfect opportunity to show that you care. Motivosity makes it consistent and visible.
Awards and Nominations
Motivosity helps managers both remember to do their awards and helps them be thoughtful about the process.
Departmental Badges
Strengthen and perpetuate unique sub-cultures in departments with badges that provide 'street credibility'
Ways to Connect
Personality Profiles
Don't let personality data live in the HR file cabinet. Let teams use it to have better team dynamics.
Interest groups
Having a friend at work is the top driver of job satisfaction. Interest groups helps you find those friends.
Keep the company in the loop with announcements that can be pinned to the social feed and included in digest updates.
Easily search for and connect with people based on their job responsibilities.
Ways to Manage
Milestone Reminders
Motivosity notifies you of upcoming team dates weekly and allows you to write your kind bosslike note in advance.
Tracking Recent Appreciations
It may have been a while since you recognized someone on your team. Motivosity will bring that to your attention.
Consuming Wins
Motivosity makes it easy for you to read about the big wins on your team and to respond, promote, or appreciate on them.
Driving Culture
Every department and team has their quirks. Motivosity helps you make those an operational part of team culture.
Ways to Analyze
Company Values
Understand which company values are being recognized in company life and how frequently.
Observe interaction patterns between departments. Learn which departments tend to help other departments and how frequently.
Satisfaction Trends
Keep track of how people are feeling about work with a quarterly pulse survey and look at trends by department.
Compare your organization's engagement and satisfaction trends with other similar companies.