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Motivational Psychology - The keys to retaining your employees

The current state of the workforce is at a historic crossroad. In 2021 we saw more people quit their jobs than ever before with nearly 48 million workers (30% of the workforce) leaving their current job. Workers were hopping all over the place, from simply switching jobs, to diving into the Gig economy, to leaving the workforce all together. The reasons for quitting vary year to year, but there are common themes and drivers each year. One year the top driver could be pay, other years it could be better hybrid workplace environments. But consistently each year top reasons include, poor managers, lack of recognition or appreciation, and a toxic culture generally.

As a result of this historic shift in the workplace, what can leaders do to retain their people? Most people leaders work really hard recruiting employees to join their companies, but how do we keep them? Join us and we will focus on the solutions and practices that organizations can implement to retain or re-recruit their people. Leveraging the best science from motivational psychology, industry trends and data from Motivosity’s original research, we will explore the behaviors that motivate employees to be more loyal and engage in their work at a deeper level.

The three key learning objectives:

  1. Foundational human motivators that employees want to experience at work
  2. The impact of gratitude on employee motivation, as well as, productivity, engagement, loyalty, evangelism, and positive mental health and well being in the workplace.
  3. Three activities that managers can do to help their employees: Frequent and consistent recognition and rewards with an expression of gratitude, establish expectations and celebrate achievement in 1 on 1 meetings, & provide ongoing coaching to grow your employees.
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