Image of several Motivosity dashboard screenshots with a gradient background.

What’s New in Motivosity: February 2024

Manage Goals in Motivosity—Now in beta!

Set and track goals that drive engagement, alignment, and accountability.

Image of the Motivosity goals dashboard.

Connect on goals in every 1 on 1.

Image of the Motivosity team meeting dashboard.

Manage all your team’s goals in one place.

Image of the Motivosity team goals dashboard.

Send goal reports to HR quickly and easily.

Image of the Motivosity team goals dashboard.

Stay on top of company-wide performance.

Image of the Motivosity performance goals reporting dashboard.

Tiny but Shinies

Illustration of Carl the Yeti holding various rainbow gems for "Tiny but Shiny"

More controls and safeguards for monetary changes

Image of the Motivosity financial admin approval modal.

New default profile and background images

Image of the new Motivosity default profile pictures of Carl the Yeti.

Create Achievement Awards for specific groups or job titles

Image of a custom award in Motivosity
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