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Yeah, but does it work?

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The process of buying and deploying a new piece of business software can be challenging. In the end, after you’ve done your research, listened to sales pitches, shortlisted vendors, and gone through trials, too often you still find yourself crossing your fingers and thinking, “I really hope this works!”

We probably don’t have the ability to completely make that thought go away, but we do think we can get you thinking thoughts more like:

  • I did my homework to see what Motivosity users are saying.
  • I didn’t just go with a hope and a wish, I looked at the hard- number results.
  • I made sure I compared the leading vendors.

Take a look at the following five proof points to see why so many companies rely on Motivosity to drive employee engagement.

1. Motivosity Customers See Double -digit Increases Across All of the Gallup-Six Survey Questions

Let’s start by looking at the results Motivosity customers see across the six questions developed by research firm Gallup to measure employee engagement.

To calculate the number, we took employee survey results for our customers when they first began using Motivosity, compared to their most recent survey results. The percentage increase shown is the change in those responding with a “strongly agree” rating (those giving a rating of 9 or 10 on a 10 point scale). As you can see, the increases make solar eclipses look boring.

  • +69%: I receive weekly recongnition
  • +40%: My boss cares about me
  • +53%: I have a best friend at work
  • +77%: I wouldn’t leave for 10% more money
  • +52%: I tell my friends they should work here
  • +30%: I agree with and live by our company values

2. In the Industry’s Only Head-to-Head Vendor Comparison, Motivosity Ranks at the Top

Next, let’s look at the employee recognition vendor comparison published by G2crowd, a review platform that leverages more than 400,000 independent and authenticated user reviews read by more than 1.5 million buyers each month. Several factors are used to arrive at the score, including ease of doing business with, quality of support, and likelihood to recommend.

Not that you’d miss it, but you’ll find Motivosity at the top of the list. We then share the details behind the great G2crowd rating.

In looking at the detailed scores, Motivosity scores at, or above, the benchmark in all three metrics.

3. Motivosity Holds the #1 Overall Spot Across All Three Major Review Sites

Now let’s expand beyond G2crowd and consider the user rating scores across the three most popular user review sites for business software -- Google Reviews, Capterra, and G2crowd. Motivosity has the highest score among all vendors in the category with >100 reviews.

4. The Motivosity Customer Comments Tell the Story

According to a survey by BrightLocal and published in Forbes, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation—which is astounding, considering most online reviews are posted by total strangers. But the power of these reviews comes because they are written by people who actually use the software and can comment from a place of experience. Some of the commonly-themed posts include sentiments like these...

"Our recognition scores were always the lowest scores on our employee surveys. Now they are skyrocketing and the only thing we’ve changed is Motivosity" -Davis S., Cotopaxi

"There is magic in Motivosity’s small giving money when coupled with public praise. It has such an impact! I don’t know why it works, but it does." -Steve A., Workfront

"Motivosity is the game changer we’ve been searching for! It’s already had an extraordinary impact.” We’ve seen a positive culture shift, more connection between departments and locations, recognition that employees deserve, laughter, good vibes and feelings, and overall pride as a company that comes together to help one another." -Danielle Y., Deseret First Credit Union

"I love Motivosity because it allows me to reward those I rely on for success. It helps build morale and allows me to step outside of the work & acknowledge people’s accomplishments. Motivosity links the team together." -Mary W., Western Governors University

5. Not Your Common Software. Motivosity Usage is 95%+

One last proof point that we like to reference is that 95% of our customer’s employees login and use Motivosity. We’ll make this easy on you. We’re so confident that our solution will deliver on the promises we’ve made, if you use Motivosity for six months and feel that you didn’t get the results, we’ll refund the license costs. So let’s go!