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Does Motivosity Work?

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How Do You Make People Happier at Work?

By now you’ve spent some time with the Motivosity team and have seen how passionate we are about making people happier at work. When it comes to improving employee engagement, most leadership teams default to giving their team members more “stuff”...swag, gift cards, and snacks in the break room. That’s definitely a positive step, but the HR leaders and Executive teams that really want to make a difference focus on something more impactful.

They focus on building a connected and gratitude-centric culture.

Yeah, but does Motivosity work?

Buying and implementing new software can be hard. And, after hours of research, listening to sales pitches, shortlisting vendors, and going through trials, you still find yourself crossing your fingers and thinking, “I really hope this works!”

Initially you’re going to be excited about how Motivosity automates your recognition and rewards efforts. You’re going to love the reporting and analytics that help you better understand which team members might need a little more attention. And in a few months, you’re going to rave about how your team members respond to Motivosity. You’re going to hear things like:

  • "I have better relationships with my co-workers than I used to."
  • "Motivosity unifies our company and creates positive energy!"
  • "Motivosity helps me feel seen at work."

Won’t it feel great to hear those kinds of statements from your team?

So though we probably can’t make ALL of your initial concerns about a new software completely disappear, we can help you think more thoughts like:

  • "I did my research to see what Motivosity users are saying."
  • "I didn’t just go off of hope, I looked at hard numbers and results."
  • "I made sure I compared leading vendors."

Here are some reasons why so many people rely on Motivosity to drive employee engagement and increase happiness at work.

Motivosity Outperforms Other Vendors By Focusing on Gratitude and Connectedness

Most vendors in the employee recognition space are completely focused on rewards and how easy it is to give “stuff” to your employees. They’ll highlight integrations with Amazon, the number of gift cards they provide, and how they make it easy to celebrate work milestones.

And don’t get us wrong—Motivosity makes that all easy, too! But we don’t stop there.

We understand that there are certain things your employees need; a regular paycheck, benefits, a safe workplace, etc. But, we also know it takes a lot more to keep employees engaged and happy at work.

Think about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. When you introduce an employee recognition program that is purely focused on “the stuff”, sure, you’re meeting their baseline wants and needs. But that’s not doing anything to give your employees a more meaningful work experience or make lasting changes to your company culture.

Your employees want to feel appreciated for their work. They want to know they’re valued and that their managers and peers recognize their contributions

This is where Motivosity comes in. While we fill all of your immediate recognition and rewards needs, we let the power of gratitude connect your team members regardless of their role, team, or whether or not they’re remote.

Motivosity Users Experience Double-Digit Increases Across Research Backed Survey Questions We Call The MV6 - eNPS Included

Let’s cover some crucial results Motivosity users experience. Our standardized 6 questions are built on more than 10 years of primary research and 200,000 completed surveys. It provides answers to common challenges around the range of employee engagement and positive employee experience.

To calculate Motivosity’s quantitative impact on employee engagement, we took employee survey results for our customers from when they first began using Motivosity and compared them to their most recent survey results. The percentage increase shown is the change in those responding with a "strongly agree" rating (9-10 on a 10-point scale)

These positive results make solar eclipses look b-o-r-i-n-g.

In the Industry’s Only Head-to-Head Vendor Comparison, Motivosity Ranks at the Top

Considering other vendors? That’s okay! We are glad you take employee engagement so seriously -- because we do, too. Let’s take a look at the employee recognition vendor comparison published by G2crowd, a software review platform that leverages more than 400,000 independent, authenticated user reviews read by more than 1.5 million buyers each month. Several factors are used to calculate scores, including quality of support, likelihood to recommend, and overall performance.

Considering you’re still here, you’d probably agree that Motivosity is a powerhouse in the employee recognition category. Don’t just take it from us, though; take a look at what our customers are saying about us on G2crowd.

Motivosity Maintains 4.7+/5 Stars Across All Three Major Review Sites

Now let’s take a moment to expand and look at user rating scores across the three most popular user review sites for business software — Google Reviews, Capterra, and G2crowd. Motivosity ranks among the top for all vendors in the employee engagement category with >100 reviews.

Motivosity Users love Us — Let Them Tell The Story

According to a survey by BrightLocal published in Forbes, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Even though they come from total strangers, you can have confidence knowing that they have actually used the software and come from a place of experience. We can’t include every review, but we love to hear comments from our users like...

“Motivosity compels people to think beyond themselves. It provides an outlet for people to be appreciated, recognized, encouraged, and uplifted. Motivosity captures the idea that people can do more with gratitude, kindness, positivity, and appreciation. It sends a message of unity and understanding through individual and group efforts. Use of Motivosity has helped me to feel appreciated at work in ways I have never experienced.” - Jonathan C., Utah Transit Authority

“Motivosity is the perfect vehicle for appreciating the extra mile that your boss, coworkers, or subordinates go on a regular basis. It gives people the opportunity to reward exemplary behavior in a simple and easy-to-use platform.” - Andrew C., Imagine IT

“I am so grateful that our company uses Motivosity. It has brought our company together... giving thanks to others for things they’ve done, such as helping others in need, great work on a task, or just for being who they are.” - Adrienne F., Catalyst Health Network

“Fantastic product for employee recognition, praise, engagement, and even eNPS scoring. The peer level recognition eliminates management red tape and enables it to be more timely and effective.” - Rob S., Springer-Miller Systems

“Motivosity is excellent for helping say thank you to coworkers as well as highlighting their achievements. It can also be a great place for connection and inside jokes with your peers.” - Clayton B., Bespoke Partners

“The product does exactly what it says and our team members love it. We use it to recognize each other’s great work, conduct employee satisfaction surveys, give awards, and share fun details about our lives outside of work so that we can get to know each other better.” - Chris H., Catalyst Health Networks

“It has been a great way to provide our employees with the avenue and funds for peer to peer recognition and building a thankyou culture.” - Lee-Ann R., Vistek Corporation

“Motivosity is a true partner towards ensuring my team of co-workers, peers, mentors, and sponsors know how much I value them as people and their direct contributions to our shared mission.” - Garry F., Omaha Public Power G District

“Motivosity has been heaven sent to connect a large company in a small and intimate way!” - Melissa M., HealthEquity

“The teams have never been closer, workplace satisfaction is at an all-time high, retention is up, and the pricing is extremely affordable for the value provided.” - Jeff B.