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The Motivosity Way of Driving Meaningful Culture

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Motivosity’s value proposition is about as straightforward as it gets. We exist to help people be happier at work.

Before we tell you about us, let us tell you about who we do business with.

Motivosity customers typically fall into one of two camps. The first are those companies that are trying to fix a culture that’s broken. The metrics are evidence -- eNPS scores are low and turnover is high. The level of engagement from employees is a known challenge. These companies are looking for a solution that will help them jump start a culture shift. A solution that will help employees better connect with the company and with each other.

The second group of customers are those that have some great things already in place. They may have monthly or quarterly awards that they use to recognize employees. They’ve kept up with the market by providing the latest perks and benefits. Culture is something that employees rate high on their list of reasons of what they admire about the company. But recognizing that constant innovation is an essential part of staying ahead, these customers are looking at how to take a culture that is great and make it even better.

Now it may not make sense that companies who are struggling to keep up, AND top-tier companies looking for their next best action, could both benefit from the same solution, but it does. HR leaders often state that Motivosity has been the most impactful thing they’ve ever done in their company. With over 200 independent customer reviews published online -- Motivosity has a five star rating. Motivosity is used by some of the most admired brands in the world. Brands such as DuPont, HealthCatalyst, Western Governors University, SoftwareONE, Workfront, Ivanti, Instructure, Utah Transit Authority, and Cotopaxi. Across the entire Motivosity customer base, there is a 95%+ user adoption rate. The reason is the unique solution created by a proven tech entrepreneur who learned a lot of lessons about developing and keeping a high-performance culture as his company grew from 1 to 1000 employees. Here’s what it’s all about...

The Motivosity Way

1. Built on Trust

At the center of Motivosity is the view that for employees to be happy at work, they need to feel trusted. Otherwise, work becomes a bit of a big brother scene, filled with micromanagers where every move needs to be approved by the man.

Trust drives engagement and loyalty from employees. Something as small as giving an employee five dollars a month to gift to any other employee in the organization for anything they think warrants it, sends a message of trust that gets reinforced every month afterward. We’ll tell you now, if you don’t buy into the power that trusting employees can have on your business, we suggest you stop reading and call us so we can recommend a dozen different recognition software vendors who would be on your side.

2. Connects Your Employees from Day One

Starting a new job is typically a pretty stressful time for people. In fact, most studies rank it right up there with the stress caused by divorce or death of a loved one. To minimize that stress and get things started off right, how much better would a new hire do if on day one, they could see an org chart to better If you don’t buy into the power that trusting employees can have on your business, we suggest you stop reading. Trust drives engagement and loyalty from employees. Something as small as giving an employee five dollars a month to gift to any other employee in the organization for anything they think warrants it, sends a message of trust that gets reinforced every month afterward. We’ll tell you now, if you don’t buy into the power that trusting employees can have on your business, we suggest you stop reading and call us so we can recommend a dozen different recognition software vendors who would be on your side. understand how the organization is connected; have access to personality profiles of others along with suggested ways to best interact with them; have daily access to the company values with a synopsis of each one. Then shortly after their start date, they get a shout-out from a peer for something great that they did. We’ll answer the question of how that new employee would feel... that employee would feel great! He or she will feel that they are a part of the company. The nice thing... that feeling will continue as they recognize others for the great work being done, along with the recognitions they personally receive each month.recognition software vendors who would be on your side.

3. Includes All Four Recognition Layers

Many recognition programs exist to push the wares of their catalogs. Others see the fancy crystal award as the ONLY way. We believe there are four primary recognition types that create a meaningful program – Appreciations, Awards, Milestones, and Wins. Consider the power of each one.

  • Appreciations are the recognition given out by peers everyday. Essentially, it creates the ability for people to “be caught” doing great work. Someone stays late to complete a project. Another person goes out of their way to be sure a customer is taken care of. Yet another is always stepping up to help new employees conquer the learning curve a bit faster. That great behavior is reinforced because Motivosity provides a way for it to be recognized and appreciated.
  • Awards provide a way to recognize the major accomplishments by your team members. You have the flexibility to create and brand them to suit your business. The CEO Award, The Team Player Award, The Jerry Maguire Award.... It’s all up to you. Along with company awards, managers can define department- specific awards. And the monetary value associated with each award is determined by you.
  • Milestones should be celebrated. Things like birthdays and work anniversaries are important to employees. Making it easier to recognize those milestones helps your employees know they’re valued.
  • Wins are often hard to promote across the company. Motivosity makes it easy to share the good news. Let’s say your website just had the highest traffic month in company history – share it as a win. The software development team just launched a new feature that customers are in love with – share it as a win. The ability to publish wins models what winning looks like for the organization, while increasing visibility and creating alignment for employees and managers. Our customers also find that it provides added engagement as employees have a way to share their good news.

4. No Smoke and Mirror Points System

Sometimes recognition programs can look more like a Chuck E. Cheese arcade, than a program to drive employee engagement. An employee amasses 15,000 points, only to find out that it’s barely enough to buy a company- branded water bottle. Who are you kidding Mr. Farquaad? Just because 15000 points looks big, doesn’t mean it is. The problem with points is mainly psychological. It creates an impression that the recognition activity is a game and therefore less authentic than it is. When the program is based in something with intrinsic value (e.g. an actual currency), it removes the superficiality associated with a fake currency base.

The Motivosity way is to allow employees to give small cash awards in recognition of the great work of those around them. Throw on some money from the company for a work anniversary, or a major award, and it adds up. With Motivosity, a dollar is a dollar. Employees know just what it means and they know exactly what it can buy. Employees are then free to redeem that money in their Motivosity account with a couple mouse clicks for any of over 150 gift cards, make charitable donations, or pick up some company swag.

5. Recognition Tied to YOUR Company Values

Company values drive the behavior and priorities of the business. If they are thought through well and created correctly, they will establish the identity of the entire company. Yet, the biggest challenge executives find is how to get their employees to really internalize the values. That’s where Motivosity can really help. The Motivosity Way is to tie everything to YOUR Company Values.

Each time an employee recognizes one of their peers for something they did, that recognition is associated to one of your company values. So the values are reinforced multiple times everyday. To have employees recognize their peers for living a specific company value goes a long way in reinforcing what is being said from the company leadership.

6. Helps Managers be Better Managers

We get it. Managers get busy with the work that needs to get done, so much so that they forget about the people doing the work. In actuality, a majority of surveyed employees say they feel like their boss doesn’t care and that they haven’t been recognized for their work anytime in the last year. That’s a problem.

Motivosity provides managers with the ability to see who is doing great work. They are able to be more human as things go from being exclusively about goals and metrics, making it easy for them to share wins and celebrate success. Managers build employee connections, as recognition between departments increases. The secret is making it easy for the manager to better engage with team members and to recognize the great work being done.

7. Delivering Actionable Insights

How will you measure the success of your employee recognition program? Along with usage information, gifted money, and redemption preferences, Motivosity delivers insights that help you run your business. You’ll be able to see which departments are engaging well with other departments, which of your company values employees are connecting with the most, and what are the things that are being accomplished every day. Additionally, Motivosity provides complete org charts and org chart modeling to assist in better understanding working relationships. There are personality profiles that help employees know the style of their peers, along with suggestions to improve their interactions. You can also benchmark your company activities, performance, and engagement levels in eight different categories against the tens of thousands of other Motivosity users.

All this insight is designed to give company leaders information that will help them be more informed, make better decisions, and to see hot spots that may need some added attention.

8. The Stuff Just Gets Used

The challenge with any new business software application is user adoption. Will people find enough value in the software to use it? If not, if it is more hassle that the value gained, it just won’t get used. Reminding, prodding, even threatening won’t work. While some competitive products have 30-40% adoption, Motivosity customers have a 95%+ usage rate – meaning that at least 95% of all your team members will be in the software at least monthly. No reminders required. And with new versions for both Android and iOS mobile devices, employees can access the application from anywhere.

9. Don’t Believe Us? We’ll Guarantee it!

Sometimes your job becomes one of trying to answer the question, “Will this really work for our business?” We’re so confident in the value we deliver that we’ll back it up with a guarantee. If at the end of six months of use, you don’t feel that Motivosity has provided the impact you thought it would, we’ll refund your money. All of it. No questions asked. Nothing to lose.

We believe happy, engaged employees will go through brick walls to help the company succeed. But that level of engagement doesn’t happen because of free soda machines and reserved parking spaces. It happens when team members feel that their work matters and that it’s appreciated by their boss and co-workers. It may have been awhile, but think about the feeling you had the last time your manager called out something you did well. It felt good. It felt real good. And it’s that recognition, given frequently, coupled with insights about the organization and the people that make it up, that creates an engaged, high performing culture. It’s The Motivosity Way.