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Good companies give rewards. Great companies don’t stop there.

If you’re looking for a recognition and rewards program that goes above and beyond to build the culture of your dreams...Hi! We’re Motivosity! — a modern employee engagement software that does more than just rewards.

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It’s the ‘thanks’ that matters, not just the stuff.

Sure, a shiny plaque and a t-shirt are nice—but when have they ever kept your employees engaged in the long run? When you combine rewards with meaningful recognition, you’ll start to see employee engagement skyrocket. Why? Because grateful employees are great employees. And great employees make the best culture!


Every employee wants to feel like they belong. Create a tight-knit community of engaged employees and culture promoters with Connect and Listen. From get-to-know-you to great-to-know-you, Motivosity has it covered.

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Taking time to appreciate peers, employees, and managers is a game-changer in creating positive workplace culture. Motivosity Recognize makes saying ‘thank you’ the best (and easiest) part of your day.

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Ain’t nobody got time for bad managers. When 70% of the employee experience is tied to management, you can’t take it lightly. Transform your managers into leaders and build loyal rock-stars with Motivosity’s Lead.

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Our product lineup doesn’t stop at rewards.

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The #1 FREE peer-to-peer recognition platform.

Here’s an idea - Build your company culture with gratitude and connectedness. We dare you! Bring all your employees into one place to share appreciation for each other, create org charts, take personality tests and find similar interests among peers. We’ll get your workforce up and running quickly with easy integrations, it’s a no-brainer. And being totally FREE - it’s the best use of your budget. Can’t argue with that.

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Get connected based on similar interests - Motivosity makes it easy to find out which coworkers share similar interests. Go beyond the office and create relationships through interest groups.

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Recognize Icon


Peer-to-peer recognition that helps your people feel seen and appreciated.

3 out of 4 employees think their mental health would improve if they received more appreciation for their work. When you use Motivosity Recognize, you are telling your employees that what they do matters. Managers and team members can celebrate the day-to-day 'wins' in real time.

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Make peer-to-peer recognition part of every day — easily send public recognition to let coworkers know that you appreciate what they are doing.

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Lead Icon


Your managers can be your secret weapon.

65% of people think they would be more effective if they had a better boss. Using Motivosity Lead, transform your managers into leaders by giving them the tools they need to coach their team and create powerful relationships.

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The most important conversations happen 1 on 1 — keep your employees engaged with consistent and collaborative conversations with their managers.

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Listen Icon


Discover what your employees need — and want — in real time.

Understand employee satisfaction and keep your employees happy in their work. Give them a voice and make sure they’re heard.

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Never question how your employees feel — know satisfaction by team, department, company-wide, or even by geography.

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The ThanksMatters Card

Recognize and reward your employees with no limits. Give your team ultimate freedom to choose when they want to be rewarded in their own unique way.

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Seamlessly integrate Motivosity with your existing tools, creating the ultimate employee experience.

Our innovative employee engagement platform can easily be tailored to meet the individual needs of your business and integrates with any HRIS platform, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more. It enables you to provide real recognition and rewards to all your team, keeping them motivated and engaged — no matter what your tech stack looks like.

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Motivosity Mobile App — the power of employee engagement at your fingertips.

Ends up there are a lot of people who don’t sit at a computer all day long! Nurses, teachers, team members on the warehouse floor — they’re working hard and contributing, so they should feel appreciated, too. The Motivosity mobile app is the perfect solution, giving everyone access to the gratitude feed, the ability to send and receive appreciations, and cash in their next gift card.

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What are people saying about Motivosity?

Don’t take it from us, let our Motivosity family tell you how they really feel! With over 1,800 reviews across Capterra, G2 Crowd, and Google Reviews, and an average rating of 4.8/5 stars, and a 95% utilization rate, you can be sure that you are making the right choice for your employees.

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“Motivosity was an implementations success! It gives us valuable info about the interactions in between teams, and it helps us to recognize our workforce. It helps us to streamline actions for our most valuable asset: our people!”

Jenny - ESPYR

Frequently Asked Questions

What is employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software is an essential tool for keeping workers happy and productive. Often, employees can be overlooked, which makes them feel demotivated and undervalued. Clearly not something any manager wants! If your employees feel valued by their managers and their peers, they understand their importance and how their work makes an impact on your organization — resulting in increased focus, improved teamwork, and greater loyalty...or as we like to say, “Happy Employees!”

Motivosity makes engaging employees easy. You can interact with your entire team remotely in real-time, reaching out to them to congratulate and reward them for the good work they are already doing. One step further, we understand that peer-to-peer recognition makes the biggest difference in positive culture, so we’ve focused on allowing teammates to engage with and recognize each other as well!

What’s the difference between “engaging” employees and “recognizing” employees?

What are the benefits of using employee engagement software?

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