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17 Tips to Build a Community at Work


17 Tips to Build a Community at Work

Invite Your Team to Lunch-and-Learn Together

Host Regular All-Hands Meetings

Create a Culture of Inclusion and Mutual Respect

image with text - the sense of belonging that an employee genuinely feels toward their team creates a positive community.

Improve Team Bonding

Volunteer for a Cause Together

Combine Diversity of Thought With Unity of Purpose

image with text - People want to feel like they are making a valuable contribution to something bigger than themselves.

Appreciate Everyone

image with text - Showing thanks or giving recognition for everyday successes can go a long way toward creating an atmosphere filled with collaboration and support.

Properly Recognize Individual Achievements

Practice Vulnerability

Encourage Team Members to Help Each Other Rest

Drive More Employee Referrals

Get a Little Personal

Nurture a Shared Purpose

Celebrate Every Win Together

Don't Force It

Gather Outside of Work

Implement Pulse Surveys