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30 Employee Award Ideas (And Why They’re Important)


What are Employee Awards?

image with text - Employee awards are a great way to acknowledge the hard work your employees are doing.

What’s the Best Way to Give Awards?

image with text - using digital awards integrated within your employee recognition program streamlines the process of giving and receiving awards.

30 Employee Award Ideas

Recognition Awards

1. Employee of the Month

2. Most Improved Player

3. President’s Award

4. Chief Closer

5. Legends Never Die

6. The Idea Generator

7. The Motivator

8. Quarterly Top Sales

9. Customer Hero

10. Leadership Award

11. The Energizer Bunny

12. Key Contributor

13. Team Player

14. Positive Power

15. The Person Behind the Curtain

Achievement Awards

16. 10,000 Steps

17. The Company Influencer

18. Safety Expert

19. Referral Machine

20. Office Parent

21. Walking Encyclopedia

22. Never-On-Time

23. Company Superlatives

24. Gym Membership

25. Call Crazy

26. Captain Planet

27. Book Club

28. Business Expert

29. Onboarding Champion

30. Office Competitions


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