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Employee Development Plans Working In A Small Business

By Erika Rahman
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Dreaming about taking your small business to the next level? Envisioning yourself in the Fortune 500? Are your products going to blow out the market? We believe in you! But in your quest to reach the top, don’t forget about this gigantic (but easy to overlook) detail — your employees.

Yup, we said it! And we will say it again. Employees are the powerhouse of your brand, and the people who take your team to the top...every single time! That’s why providing them with plenty of growth and development opportunities is vital to achieving those big goals of yours. But employee development, unfortunately, is the exception rather than the rule.

image with text - Proper development encourages employees to stay onboard, develop new strategies, and ultimately pour into your brand.

Almost 75% of employees feel they can’t reach their full potential at work, which is a huge disadvantage to both you and them. Proper development encourages employees to stay onboard, develop new strategies, and ultimately pour into your brand as much as you’ve poured into them. Ergo, you need an employee development plan – ASAP!

Let’s explore why employee learning and development matters, even to small businesses and startups.

Why your small business needs an employee development plan

Is employee development becoming a buzzword? Totally. But does that make it any less important? Nope!

Whether you’re a team of 3 or 300, employee development is key to unlocking the full potential of your workforce. And if you don’t believe us, believe the numbers!

image with text - Companies with employee development plans make almost 24% more revenue than companies without one.

The kicker? Companies with employee development plans make almost 24% more revenue than companies without one. If that doesn’t put a sparkle in your eye, we don’t know what will!

Easy ways to build an employee development plan

You’ve probably seen enough of this statistical mumbo jumbo, right? Let’s get on to the real meat and potatoes – building an employee learning and development plan from the ground up!

Here are some elements to consider:

1. New hire training

Give your new employees the skills they need to succeed.

2. Create engagement

Foster growth and community, and connect teams to one another in authentic ways.

3. Career appraisals

Help your managers lead the evaluation process in a way that’s actually beneficial.

4. Lean on personalization

Listen to the needs of your employees. What training are they looking forward to? What kinds of skills do they need to thrive?

5. Staff meetings

Lead focus groups and meetings where managers can guide employees toward new goals and opportunities.

Of course, implementing these development goals manually is a huge pain in the backside. If you’re serious about investing in your employees, it might be time to look at some employee development plan software.

The many pros of employee development plan software

Your employees are the future of your brand, so it isn’t any wonder that investing in their success with software is a surefire way to reach the top!

There are lots of benefits associated with using employee development plan software. Not only does it totally revolutionize the deployment process, but it’s perfect for today’s scattered, remote, and international workforce.

  • Employee development plans help brands recognize the power of their workforce.
  • Software programs create better touchpoints for fully remote teams.
  • Flexibility and agility allow teams to use their development software on their own time (and in their own time zones).
  • Digital employee development creates an immediate and long term impact on employee engagement.

Digital employee development is the future, folks. Can you feel it? We sure can!

Create an employee learning and development plan with Motivosity

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