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What is Employee Recognition Software?

By Carly MacLennan

Illustration of Carl the yeti touching giant screens and examining the data on them.

Employee recognition software allows a business to operationalize how they recognize and reward employees. It is most commonly a browser-based application where employee peers and managers have the ability to give formal awards and small monetary rewards to employees for accomplishments and exemplary performance.

Employee recognition software, often referred to as peer recognition software or peer-to-peer recognition software, improves employee engagement, increases visibility across the organization, develops increased trust, and improves the connections and collaboration between employees.

The functionality that is most widely used and that provides the biggest impact and highest adoption rates includes:

Employees who feel good about their jobs, who are happy at work, and who feel that the work they do matters and is appreciated, are more loyal and more productive. Let Motivosity show you how an employee recognition program can be the most impactful thing you can do to build employee engagement and an absolutely amazing culture.