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How To Improve Communication Within A Team

By Erika Rahman
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Pro-tip — if your team communications feel like small talk on a first date, it’s going to need some help. And soon.

The importance of communicating within teams cannot be underestimated. Even ignoring the statistics, teams that don’t communicate effectively are just plain worse for wear. They don’t have any connections to one another, they don’t have any shared goals, and they just aren’t very engaged in their work. And as we know, an unengaged employee is an unhappy employee.

If you’re struggling to keep the conversation going between yourself and your team, you’re certainly not alone. Fortunately, finding a fix is easier than you might think! Let’s explore some tactics for enhancing team communications in any industry, including some tools you can use to make it happen!

Improving communication within a team

Your employees need communication to empower their regular activities. You might already have a system that works for you, but powering it up with streamlined solutions keeps all information flowing freely (and without you having to rack your brain for solutions).

image with text - Try rolling out an employee engagement survey to measure touchpoints and opinions.

As you start the process of enhancing any current groundwork, consider ways you can elevate these critical communication touchpoints of your business.

  • Engaging in the workplace — How engaged are your employees? Do you know off the top of your head? If not, try rolling out an employee engagement survey to measure touchpoints and opinions. Clearing the air now makes for way happier teams in the future.
  • Create channels to communicate — Establish places where employees and teams can communicate freely, whenever and wherever it works best! Social media platforms are excellent for this, including Motivosity’s Connect software.
  • Understanding your audience — Is there a specific way your teams would like to communicate? Are they better online or in-person? Even better, how do they feel about touchpoint meetings? Try a little of everything to identify an approach that works best for you.

Team communication is the best communication (trust us on this one). The more it’s improved, the more work it will do, and the better your company may perform as a result.

Receiving feedback on teams and communications

It’s not enough to just plop a strategy down in front of your employees. What you need is feedback to keep progress going — and lots of it!

As you start forging ahead with enhanced team communications, start collecting feedback by:

  • Constantly looking for improvement. Submit regular pulse surveys that take the temperature of your team’s opinion regarding internal communications.
  • Creating an open-door policy. The more your team feels they can come directly to you, the more likely you’ll be to get decent feedback.
  • Gather eNPS results (employee net promoter scores) to see what’s improved with your communications over time.
image with text - The more you listen to your employees, the better at communicating you’ll become.

The more you listen to your employees, the better at communicating you’ll become. And who doesn’t want that?

Choosing the best tools for communication

Contrary to (very) popular belief, great communication can’t be built in a vacuum. It takes attention to detail, lots of intentionality, and plenty of resources to get from point A to point B. And if you’re anything like the rest of us (i.e. busy businesses), you need tools in order to work at your optimal efficiency.

Your team members will love engaging with communication tools like:

  • Chatting Tools — Text-based platforms allow users to chat back and forth quickly (just without much personality).
  • Video Conferencing — Get teams together and up to speed quickly with dynamic video calling solutions.
  • Motivosity — With a 96% usage rate and 2,000+ five-star reviews, our suite of solutions are perfect for any communication style.
image with text - Choose communication tools that are comprehensive, inclusive, and integrative.

And we’re just getting started! There are all sorts of communication tools you may choose to use, but the bottom line is to choose something comprehensive, inclusive, and integrative.

Building a team communication strategy with Motivosity

Will there always be breakdowns in communication? Sure. But are there ways to keep it from happening? Absolutely! With Motivosity by your side, you’ll be keeping the communication boogeymen at bay no matter how big your enterprise may be!

Our Connect software was designed to eliminate pain points on a single integrative dashboard. Encourage employees to communicate far beyond the water cooler with recognition and rewards that are adjustable for your teams. Better yet, create personality profiles, company files, and interest groups that keep everyone on the same page.

We’re not just tooting our own horn, either. According to more than 2,000+ wildly happy customers, Motivosity is one of the best communication strategies out there for enhanced team communications. And by the way — it’s legit totally free.

Start connecting and communicating in just weeks with Motivosity’s simple implementation process. Just book your first demo with us to see how it works. We’ll see you there!