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How to Make Friends at Work


How to Make Friends at Work

Join Company Social Committees

Let Your Personality Shine Through and Be Yourself

image with text - A kind word, a friendly smile, or even a joke shared among coworkers can go a long way in building relationships that last.

Take Advantage of Common Workspaces

Remember Small Talk Matters

image with text - Small talk is a springboard for larger, more meaningful conversations

Help Your Fellow Employees

Attend Work Events

Respect Everyone's Boundaries

image with text - Respect everyone's boundaries and don't take it personally if someone doesn't seem enthusiastic about getting to know you.

Do Not Force Friendships

Use the Whatzit Method

Show Genuine Interest in Others

Learn People's Names and Use Them

Find People that Have Similar Interests to You

Avoid Gossip at All Costs

Consistently Meet KPIs to Show You Can Be Counted On

Go Out to Lunch Together

Bring Coffee

Root for Your Teammates' Success