Tips to Level Up New Employee Onboarding

By Erika Rahman

Illustration of several resumes with magnifying glasses over them.

Break the Ice for Introducing Remote Teammates

Simplify the Administrative Process

image with text - Simplify the process. The more you add to an employee's onboarding, the longer it will take for them to get through it and get started on what you hired them for.

Provide a Career Progression Blueprint

Assign Meaningful Work Right Away

Be Proactive by Facilitating Relationships

Pair New Hires With a Peer Buddy to Help Them Adjust

Give Them All the Tools for the Job

Start Before They Do

image with text - Start preparing the onboarding process before their first day. If they feel like they already belong, everyone wins.

Engage New Employees Across the Board

Distribute Written Instructions

Add More Communication Touchpoints

Check-In More Often

Instill an Understanding of the Company’s “Why”

image with text - Understanding the "why" of a company is essential for employees to buy into the organization.

Ensure the Process Feels Effortless

Clarify Expectations and Goals

Organically Welcome the New Hire

Train Employees to Combat Security Threats