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What is Wellbeing and Why is it Important?


Understanding the importance of workplace wellbeing

image with text - Without investing in workplace wellbeing initiatives, employees can feel dissatisfied with their work, struggle with their mental health, feel unproductive, unmotivated and undervalued.

Signs of a healthy workplace

Let’s unpack the benefits of a healthy workplace

image with text - Benefits of workplace wellbeing: increased productivity, higher performance and participation, increased job satisfaction, better support networks, off-the-charts retention, cost savings.

1. Increased productivity

2. Higher performance and participation

3. Job satisfaction

4. Support network

5. Employee retention

6. Cost savings

5 simple ways employers can improve workplace wellbeing

1. Flexible working

2. Mental health initiatives

3. Introduce healthy programs

4. Feedback sessions

5. Develop a positive work culture

How individuals can improve their mental health in the workplace

image with text - Give your employees the support they need to keep their mental health in top-top shape.

How to manage wellbeing at work


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